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Some tips to get going..

Big statements call for big back up. If you're going to state an opinion that is controversial, we need you to back it up with several reasons why you have that opinion/theory. Don't lay down an opinion (An example: "Dumbledore is NOT gay!") and give us weak or little reasoning (Ex: "Because no gay man would NOT color his hair!")

Word minimum. Please do not submit articles with less than 250 words. If an opinion piece, we need your article to be thoughtful and answering the question or theory you're writing about. If a news item, add relevant background information.

Word limits. To keep our editing team sane, we now have a 1000-word limit on user submitted stories. This is a strictly-set number, so please do not exceed it. If you think it's above 1000 words, use this tool to check to make sure you're under.

We won't publish poorly written posts. If you don't take the time to proofread and put effort into your article, we can't take the time to fix all the mistakes. Hypable will only publish stories that are of high quality.

We will not accept posts that promote petitions. If you think a director should direct a highly-anticipated sequel, and you made a petition about it, promote it elsewhere. Hypable cannot accept these as they are not news or analysis.

You can promote your blog or website! If you're going to take the time to write us a nice original piece, you can feel free to promote your blog or website at the end of the article.

We cannot guarantee your story will make the main page of the site. We want to add them all, but we will only put stories on the main page if they meet our level of writing and/or analysis quality.

Write interesting stories! Your headline and first paragraph must be eye-catching and detailed without giving everything away. We want the visitor to read your full story.

Try and fit the fandom name into your title. That way, fans of that fandom are much more likely to notice it!

Photos. If your story involves a video or a picture, please include a link to the picture/video where we can access it. We will take the pic/video and embed it into your post. If you are embedding a picture, please place a link to the photo in the post so we can grab it and add it to the site! Alternatively, if you know how to use HTML, you can just add the image yourself using the <img> tag! e.g. <img src="" />

Don’t plagiarize! We will not publish stories that are word-for-word copies of other stories on the internet. Please provide a link to your source in the post. With that said, if you’re quoting another article on the internet, wrap the story in <blockquote> </blockquote> tags. It will indent the quote when it is published.

No double spaces. Please only put one space in between sentences. Not two.

By submitting a story, you agree that your story may be published and edited by Hypable staff.

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