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The scariest thing on Halloween Night, for the couples anyway, was having Len Goodman back as judge. DWTS never does its themes half-heartedly, but from the moment Michael creepily welcomed Derek into the Haunted House of Mirrorballs in a fantastic opening number, it was clear DWTS was going all-out for Halloween Night. Between that, having […]

The Doctor Who series 8 finale begins this Saturday. There are questions needing answers, plot holes needing to be filled, and loose ends that we hope won’t wait another season to wrap up. But with Doctor Who series 8 being Moffat’s best yet, the finale has huge requirements to finish an amazing season. So can […]

Taylor Swift’s rise to international superstardom has always been an incredible balancing act, from walking the tight line of genre definitions and expectations to challenging what were believed to be tried and true formulas for musical success. In an era of big-booty obsession, Swift takes risks in this album by introducing sounds reminiscent of a […]

We were promised a hot Latin night on DWTS, but got a rather lukewarm one. Some routines were as smooth as Val’s freshly waxed chest, some could not even be saved by divine Cloris Leachman intervention, and one underdog stepped up to give it everything tonight. To faithful readers, I apologize for my absence, and […]

“Television, the talking furniture we look to as a cure for loneliness, is not expected to surprise,” wrote John Leonard in his May, 1990 New York Magazine cover story on Twin Peaks, which had then been airing on ABC for about six weeks. Its first season was eight episodes brief – and the return of […]

…but still have time to binge watch. This summer I’ve seen some of the most refreshing and original TV so I’ve complied a list of some of the best shows you may have missed this summer. #5) ‘The Leftovers’ – HBO (Damon Lindelof, ‘LOST’ and Tom Perrotta, ‘The Leftovers,’ novel) The Leftovers is the most […]

DWTS has had some bad times on occasion, but this week the cracks in the mirrorball began to show. A complete dismissal of the judges’ importance coincided with the single worst guest judge this beleaguered show has had yet, throwing into question the very role the judges play. Dancing with the Stars has always been […]

I think I can say without hyperbole that this was the single worst episode of Dancing with the Stars I have had the misfortune of watching. Guest judge Kevin Hart made for a miserable two hours; infernally convinced of how funny he is, and screeching like nails on a chalkboard. Of all the dreadful guest […]

In a magical world so rich with history and stories, it’s a shame that we only get to see the world from Harry’s point of view. Though J.K. Rowling’s seven main books being turned into movies had been great, fans can’t help but crave for more. Recently we were rewarded with the movie adaption of Fantastic […]

And the couple eliminated in Week 2 on DWTS, finishing in twelfth place, is… Tavis and Sharna! This equals Sharna’s worst finish yet (from two seasons ago, though that time she was twelfth out of twelve). I’m glad to see the back of Tavis – he obviously was not prepared to commit to this show, […]

And the couple eliminated after only one outing in the ballroom is… Lolo Jones and Keo Motsepe! Lolo completely messed up her routine Monday, but I think what did her in was that she did not appear fun on a season full of people going for laughs. And it cannot be overstated that the professional […]

Dancing with the Stars season 19 started with a bang, and promises to be full of life lessons, swag, and actually competent dancing! Welcome, fellow dancers, to another season of Dancing with the Stars. We began with a two-hour premiere that felt far longer than your average DWTS episode, and the highlight was the opening […]

Another month passes, and another issue of Corocoro reveals some more information about the upcoming pair of Pokémon titles, set for release this November. This time around, we get a look at three brand-new Mega Pokémon, along with some information about the Primal forms of the games’ featured Legendary duo – Groudon and Kyogre. First […]

What mediums will the Harry Potter franchise cross into next? Queen Rowling has been quite busy as of late. Not only has she been hard at work on her Cormoran Strike novels, Pottermore and the upcoming Harry Potter stage play; there’s also another tiny little project also on her mind. The Fantastic Beasts movie trilogy. […]

Did anyone else watch MTV’s Video Music Awards and just think – man, women are killing it right now! I recently watched the VMAs, not with any high expectations, but just to see some of the performances and keep up with my necessary pop culture knowledge. However, the further I got into the awards, the […]

Pretty Little Liars is already halfway through its fifth season. The upcoming summer finale episode, “Taking This One To The Grave” will air next week on ABC Family. During the first eleven episodes of the fifth season, I have come to learn a lot about Alison DiLaurentis’s “dark” past. We also have several characters back […]

As Peter Capaldi’s debut as the Doctor approaches, I consider what it is that has myself, and many others, greatly anticipating this new era of Doctor Who. 1. He’s a lifelong fan It’s no secret that Peter Capaldi is a huge fan of the long running sci-fi television show. This further sparks my excitement for […]

Dancing with the Stars will add a permanent fourth judge this coming season – two-time champion Julianne Hough. The past two seasons, DwtS has been trying to shake up the judges’ panel in an attempt to keep the show fresh, and has brought on a slew of increasingly terrible guest judges. Julianne Hough was one […]

This month’s release of Guardians of the Galaxy marks the penultimate film in Phase Two of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Avengers: Age of Ultron will hit theaters next spring, and with it comes the end of this chapter of the interconnected franchise. In my humble opinion, Phase Two has been a mixed bag to say the […]

Taylor Swift has never been one to shy away from her critics. From her 2010 track, “Mean,” to her firm but delicate handling of the now infamous Kanye West incident, and even her retaliation video after a messy break up with Joe Jonas, she has become almost as well known for her refutation of others […]