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‘DWTS’ 22×06 review: You Can’t Stop the Beat!

Our stars may be falling apart, but they still attempted iconic dances with their rightful partners restored.

In ‘The 100,’ maybe there are no good guys

Within The 100, there are quite a few different concepts present in the show.

‘DWTS’ 22×05 recap: Brought to you by magnanimous Russian love slaves

When you combine the emotionally charged Switch-Up Week with a judge who makes everyone agitated, you get a night where emotions run high.

5 blossoming shows you should watch this spring

Amidst the hiatus of two of the largest shows on TV (fall’s The Walking Dead and late spring/summer’s Game of Thrones), I often find myself scrambling for new and fresh TV to watch.

‘DWTS’ 22×04 recap: Try everything on Disney night!

Magic was in the air on Disney Night at DWTS – always one of our favorite weeks of the show.

Oh Heda, my Heda: ‘The 100’s Lexa and the power of fandom

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding The 100 and the death of Lexa in the last four weeks. I have probably spent more time than I’d care to admit reflecting on Alycia Debnam Carey’s exit from the show.

‘DWTS’ 22×03 recap: Say goodbye to Trump

Latin Night came early this season, as DWTS dispensed with superfluous clothes for one of their most popular theme nights.

‘DWTS’ season 22 premiere recap: Good times never seemed so good

Welcome to the 22nd season of Dancing with the Stars!

Why ‘The Mortal Instruments’ movie is better than you remember

Thanks to the recent premiere of Shadowhunters, fans of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series were once again given the chance to see a favorite novel come to life, and to ask ourselves what exactly it is that we want from such an attempt.