Breaking Dawn – Part Two, the fifth and final movie of the Twilight series, which will be hitting the big screen on November 16, 2012, has crazed fans waiting in anticipation. Recently, the second teaser trailer was released, showing clips of a vampire Bella; a sight fans have been awaiting since Bella first met Edward in Twilight. The trailer left fans shell-shocked and counting down the days till November 16th.

Breaking Dawn – Part Two marks the end of Edward and Bella’s saga and provides closure for fans who have been with the series from the beginning and for Stephenie Meyer herself. In an interview, Meyer says, “It feels so weird to think it’s all coming to an end! Happy in some ways, depressing in others….it’s been quite a ride, hasn’t it?”

With the fans’ and other cast and crew members’ high hopes for Breaking Dawn – Part Two, box office expectations believe that the last movie installment will top Breaking Dawn – Part One for opening weekend (Part One raked in $139.5 million). Other critics believe that the second part of Breaking Dawn may even gross more than Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows – Part Two (which earned a whopping $168.5 million in its opening weekend). The diehard fans will just have to wait until November 16 when the beloved saga will come to a dramatic end.