The Walking Dead

How the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ finale can save the season

There’s one more episode of Fear the Walking Dead this season, and we’re crossing our fingers for some shocker moments.

‘The Walking Dead’ season 7: New promo teases Morgan meeting Ezekiel

AMC has dropped a new promo for The Walking Dead season 7 featuring King Ezekiel and the Kingdom!

‘The Walking Dead’ season 6 Blu-ray: Watch uncensored Negan drop the F-bomb 23 times

The Walking Dead season 6 Blu-ray is out today, and the best special feature is clearly the uncensored Negan scene.

Nick Clark had a very bad day on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

Dear Diary,

Life’s been really difficult since I left my family to venture alone into the apocalypse and join the infected. Who knew surviving alone could be so hard?

‘Walking Dead’ season 7 clip confirms Daryl is definitely, totally, completely dead

A new clip from The Walking Dead season 7 was released this week and depicts Dwight riding on Daryl’s motorcycle. YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!!!

‘The Walking Dead’ SDCC press conference: The top 8 things we learned

The Walking Dead cast and creative team rocked their San Diego Comic-Con panel earlier today. We caught up with them at the press conference later on, and got a few extra details about season 7.

SDCC: ‘The Walking Dead’s Rick is safe, but who else will survive?

The Walking Dead cast lined up at San-Diego Comic-Con, only this time not on their knees with a bat looming over them. The question of the hour is who will survive Negan’s wrath?

‘The Walking Dead’ season 7 trailer, premiere date revealed at SDCC! Watch now

The Walking Dead season 7 cast and creative team was treated to a packed house in Hall H when they hosted their annual panel Friday.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ teases season 2B at SDCC

Fear the Walking Dead season 2B promises more turmoil for the group as they reassess their roles as parents, children, and survivors.