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‘The Walking Dead’ season 7: Are The Scavengers trustworthy?

On The Walking Dead season 7, episode 10, “New Best Friends,” Rick and the Alexandrians met a new group called The Scavengers. But can they be trusted?

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The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The world has fallen apart, but there’s still time for romance.

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‘The Walking Dead’ mid-season 7 premiere: Synopsis and stills released

AMC has graciously released a few stills as well as the synopsis for The Walking Dead mid-season 7 premiere to give us a look at what’s to come!

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The Walking Dead may be on hiatus until February, but it’s not out of our minds. Here’s a look at our favorite Rick Grimes quotes while we bide the time.

‘Star Trek’ TV series casts Sonequa Martin-Green as lead — Goodbye Sasha on ‘Walking Dead’?

The upcoming Star Trek TV series has cast The Walking Dead co-star Sonequa Martin-Green as the lead, meaning her time in the walker apocalypse drama could be coming to an end.

‘The Walking Dead’ mid-season 7 premiere sneak peek: Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom unite

The Walking Dead season 7 is on hiatus for the next two months! At least they left us a juicy sneak peek for what’s ahead in the meantime.

‘The Walking Dead’ mid-season 7 finale recap: Negan strikes again

The Walking Dead season 7, episode 8, “Hearts Still Beating,” had Rick returning to Alexandria only to find Negan had killed more of his friends.