Fear the Walking Dead

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 3: 30 questions we want answered

As wild as the season 2 finale of Fear the Walking Dead was, it left us with many questions for season 3.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2 finale: 5 killer moments

The Fear the Walking Dead finale more than made up for a lack of action in the last few episodes, providing us with more blood, guts, and growth than we were prepared for. And it was awesome.

How the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ finale can save the season

There’s one more episode of Fear the Walking Dead this season, and we’re crossing our fingers for some shocker moments.

Nick Clark had a very bad day on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

Dear Diary,

Life’s been really difficult since I left my family to venture alone into the apocalypse and join the infected. Who knew surviving alone could be so hard?

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ teases season 2B at SDCC

Fear the Walking Dead season 2B promises more turmoil for the group as they reassess their roles as parents, children, and survivors.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ suffers from poorly developed characters

Unpopular opinion: I like Fear the Walking Dead. Popular opinion: I can’t stand the characters.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ renewed for season 3

AMC has announced that Fear the Walking Dead season 3 is officially happening.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2 poster depicts a spooky sunset

The first poster for Fear the Walking Dead’s second season paints an ominous picture over the ocean.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2 premieres this April, first photo released

Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead will be premiering earlier than you probably expected.