‘Timeless’ gives fans a virtual reality experience

Timeless hops back in time each week as Team Time tries to stop whatever Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic) is up to next. Now fans can see what Team Time does using virtual reality.

‘Timeless’ 1×08 review: The Eagle has landed

Timeless traveled back to 1969 to the famous lunar landing. Team Time needed to salvage the heroic accomplishments of Armstrong, Collins, and Aldrin, as well as save the space program.

‘Timeless’ 1×07: Rescued by geekdom

Timeless did something different this week. Team Time didn’t have to rescue the present timeline from Garcia Flynn so much as they had to rescue themselves from Pre-Revolutionary America.

‘Timeless’ 1×05 review: Remember the Alamo

Timeless jumped back to the the catalyst that led to the creation of Texas. The Battle of the Alamo saw that sometimes meeting your heroes isn’t disappointing.

‘Timeless’ 1×04 review: Bond, James Bond

Timeless tackled the 1940s and Nazi Germany this time out, only with a new twist. Instead of a predictable Hitler storyline, the show instead offered a tale where Ian Fleming met Wernher von Braun.