This Is Us

‘This Is Us’: Yeah, that just happened

We’ve already praised This Is Us for being one of the best shows on television, but last night’s episode has raised the bar again.

‘This Is Us’ season 1, episode 14 recap: Second chances

It was a couple’s night on This is Us and we saw some of our favorite couples struggle to stay together but ultimately it was a second chance for everyone.

‘This Is Us’ and the love triangles that shouldn’t exist

This Is Us continues to impress us week after week, but even the best shows have weak spots. Is their plan for Kate and some other guy really a good idea? It also made us realize just how many love triangles are happening…

‘This Is Us’ season 1, episode 13 recap: And vogue

This Is Us season 1, episode 13 gave us incredible insights into the kids’ first “grown up” birthday parties. Can Jack and Rebecca organize mine next year?

‘This Is Us’ renewed for two seasons at NBC

NBC has announced that their new and very popular drama This Is Us has been renewed for not one but two seasons.

‘This Is Us’ season 1, episode 11 recap: It’s triplets!

This Is Us just returned from its winter finale and we finally found out what happened to Toby on Christmas Eve!

‘This Is Us’ sets the bar for normalizing LGBTQ+ characters

You already know This Is Us is one of the best shows on television, but their mid-season finale truly raised the bar and set an example for how all storytellers can help normalize their LGBTQ+ characters.

‘This Is Us’ season 1, episode 10 recap: Nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve

This is Us aired its mid-season finale tonight, and although it’s titled “Last Christmas” the person whose last Christmas it was completely surprised us.

‘This Is Us’ season 1, episode 9 recap: The Trip

While dealing with fallout from Rebecca’s big secret, Randall, Kevin, and Kate take a trip together on This Is Us season 1, episode 9, “The Trip.”