The Mindy Project

Hulu renews ‘The Mindy Project’ and ‘The Path’

At the 2016 Upfronts, Hulu announced the renewal of The Mindy Project and The Path, as well as a Beatles documentary.

‘The Mindy Project’ 4×14 review: Mindy didn’t see ‘Hamilton’

When we left Mindy and Danny, it was late 2015 and things were rocky. But now, we’re four months into 2016, flowers are starting to bloom, and a marriage is dead before the couple even walked down the aisle. Welcome back, The Mindy Project!

Insta-stalking Mindy Kaling for clues about ‘The Mindy Project’

Mindy Kaling’s Instagram is a wealth of knowledge for anyone who craves a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of the funny and fashionable.

‘The Mindy Project’ season 4 sets return date on Hulu

The Mindy Project announced yesterday via social media platforms and a short, 10-second video that the second half of season 4 will be premiering on Hulu starting on April 12.

‘The Mindy Project’ season 4A, explained in 5 emojis

We’re going through five of the biggest events from the first half of The Mindy Project season 4 with the helpful use of emojis to describe our feelings.

‘The Mindy Project’ season 4, episode 6 recap: An evaluation of Danny Castellano

In the biggest departure from episode structure we’ve seen on The Mindy Project, season 4, episode 6, “Road Trip,” lets viewers explore a different side of Danny Castellano.

‘The Mindy Project’ season 4, episode 5 recap: Superwoman Mindy Lahiri

Both Mindy and Danny realize that being a stay-at-home mom isn’t exactly code word for “vacation” on The Mindy Project season 4, episode 5, “Stay at Home MILF.”

How ‘The Mindy Project’ has changed by being on Hulu

Three episodes of The Mindy Project season 4 have now been released on Hulu. So, what’s different between the Fox and Hulu versions?

‘The Mindy Project’ season 4, episode 3 recap: Danny Castellano’s nanny cam

Mindy and Leo are left at home while Danny heads back to work. How hard can it be to relax in the apartment all day?