Saturday Night Live

‘SNL’ recap: Larry David’s Bernie Sanders meets ‘Seinfeld’s’ Elaine Benes

Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosted SNL for the third time along with musical guest Nick Jonas.

‘Saturday Night Live’ video highlights: Hillary is totally a New Yorker

April 9’s episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Russell Crowe and musical guest Margo Price.

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Peter Dinklage hosted SNL for the first time with musical guest Gwen Stefani. Check out some of the highlights from the episode.

‘SNL’ recap: Ariana Grande saves TIDAL as host and musical guest

Ariana Grande joined the list of a handful of celebrities who pulled double duty at SNL as host and musical guest, and she was great!

‘SNL’ recap: Jonah Hill returns as host and rapper

Last night Jonah Hill returned to host SNL with musical guest Future. The two even teamed up for a little performance during Hill’s monologue.

‘SNL’ recap: Bernie Sanders drops by with host Larry David

Last night Larry Rudolph hosted SNL with musical guest the 1975. Check out the highlights from the politically charged episode!

‘SNL’ recap: Tina Fey returns with refreshed Sarah Palin parody

Ronda Rousey hosted SNL last night, but her appearance was eclipsed by Tina Fey reprising her iconic impression of Sarah Palin!

Adam Driver giggles through Kylo Ren outtakes from ‘SNL’

Adam Driver had a hard time keeping it together when he filmed the Star Wars/Undercover Boss parody for SNL last weekend!

‘SNL’ recap: Adam Driver is Kylo Ren as ‘Undercover Boss’

SNL returned for its first episode of 2016, with host Adam Driver. And he brought a lot of fun Star Wars fun along with him!