Does ‘Riverdale’ have an identity crisis?

The first episode of Riverdale promised us a combination of, you could say, The OC and Twin Peaks. It’s high school, and it’s murder. It’s weird but there’s also teen love. Five episodes in and we have neither. Riverdale, who are you?

‘Riverdale’ 1×03: B & V step up while Archie falls flat

Riverdale 1×03 reminded us murder isn’t the only thing happening in this affluent town. Harassment, face slapping, and increasingly melodramatic narration are ever so present.

‘Riverdale’ 1×02 recap: Friends, enemies, and murder!

In true teen-drama fashion, the adults are crazy and the teens are the voice of reason.

‘Riverdale’ isn’t as progressive as it thinks it is

When The CW announced that it was bringing an adaptation of Archie comics to the small screen, I’ll admit that I was intrigued.