Hypable’s BattleShips: ‘Arrow’ VS ‘Riverdale’

Our very own shipping tournament, BattleShips, continues as we try to find out which couples can make it to be proclaimed Ship of the Year. Will it be Oliver & Felicity from Arrow or Archie & Veronica from Riverdale? You decide!

‘Riverdale’: What we want to see in upcoming episodes

Last week The CW renewed Riverdale! Now that we are all rest assured the show will continue, it is time to set our goals on what should happen in the upcoming episodes (and seasons!) in that oh-so small and mysterious town of Riverdale.

Riverdale: A small town. A guilty town?

While Riverdale may have some faults, it definitely does not lack its share of theories. Who killed Jason Blossom? Why? And most importantly, when do we find out?