‘Quantico’ 2×12 recap: One hand doesn’t know what the other is doing… or does it?

The lesson of the day is misdirection. While the recruits are learning the art of the pickpocket at The Farm, Alex and company are suffering one misdirection after another as the crisis draws to a close on Quantico.

‘Quantico’: Alex and Shelby have one of the best female friendships on television

In a time when women are so often pitted against each other for career goals, the attention of others, and countless other things, Quantico’s Alex and Shelby are showing us that there’s another way.

‘Quantico’ 2×11 recap: Who do you work for?

Quantico season 2, episode 11, had many characters wondering if they’d chosen the right side.

‘Quantico’ 2×10 recap: Betrayal is the name of the game

There’s more than one wrong side this season on Quantico. The real questions are: Who is on whose side right now? And: Is there a right one?

‘Quantico’ 2×09 recap: The art of seduction

After the huge reveal in the mid-season finale, Quantico is back to answer all…well, some of our questions.

5 teases from the ‘Quantico’ mid-season premiere

Quantico season 2 returns on Monday. Here are five, spoiler free teases from the episode to help you make it through, until then!

Hunter Parrish joining ‘Quantico’ season 2 in major role

A new major character, played by Hunter Parrish, is being added to the chaos in Quantico season 2.

‘Quantico’: What does Harry’s secret message mean?

We’ve decoded Harry’s secret message from the Quantico mid-season finale and the code could have big implications for his character.

‘Quantico’ will move to Monday nights starting in January

When Quantico season 2 returns in January, it will be moving to a new night. It’s time to clear some space in your Monday night TV schedule!