Once Upon a Time

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Watch: ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 Blu-ray and DVD gag reel preview

Take a look at Once Upon a Time‘s season 3 blooper reel before the the DVD release!

‘Once Upon a Time’s’ Captain Hook stays put, teases season 4

Once Upon a Time star Colin O’ Donoghue may not be revisiting Neverland any time soon, but we have a few more details about Hook’s up coming season 4 appearance.

‘Once Upon a Time’ first look: Anna debuts in Arendelle

Once Upon a Time has slowly revealed the new characters making their way to Storybrooke this fall. Check out the first glimpse of Anna!

New ‘Once Upon A Time’ stills feature ‘Frozen’ characters Kristoff and Elsa

ABC has just released a new series of stills for Once Upon A Time featuring Kristoff and Elsa.

‘Once Upon a Time’ finds Prince Hans and another surprise

Once Upon a Time casts their Prince Hans today. But another announcement may bring some CGI questions to the table.

‘Once Upon a Time’ showrunners on selecting ‘Frozen’ for season 4

The Once Upon a Time cast arrived in San Diego to share a few details about season 4 and to get us all excited for the twists and turns ahead.

Two of ‘Once Upon a Time’s’ happy couples talk Rumbelle, Captain Swan

This weekend at San Diego Comic Con Hypable got a chance to sit down and talk briefly with the happy couples of Once Upon a Time, and they shared their thoughts about the upcoming season.

‘Once Upon a Time’ at Comic-Con: 10 super reveals

The Once Upon a Time showrunners and cast were back at Comic-Con where they brought some old favorites and new surprises.

First look: Official still of Elsa and Kristoff on ‘Once Upon a Time’

Once Upon a Time has officially set down in Arendelle as the first still of Elsa makes its Internet debut!

‘Once Upon a Time’ opens the door for more ‘Frozen’

Another Frozen character will make his way to Once Upon a Time this fall! But he is not a native of Arendelle!

‘Once Upon a Time’ showrunners talk ‘Frozen’ and season 4

Once Upon a Time is set to bring a few familiar faces to your screen this fall, but who are they leaving out and what intentions do they have for Elsa and company?

‘Once Upon a Time’ first look at Elsa in Storybrooke

Once Upon a Time fans, the first days of outdoor filming on the Storybrooke set are upon us! See Elsa take her first steps on the streets of Maine!

ABC bosses spill: Why ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ didn’t work

ABC Entertainment Group President offers his take on why Once Upon a Time in Wonderland failed to gain traction and the future of OUAT spin-offs.

ABC announces ‘SHIELD,’ ‘Scandal,’ ‘Once Upon a Time’ premiere dates

This morning ABC announced their complete Fall 2014 schedule with premiere dates and times for your favorite shows.