Once Upon a Time

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First look: Official still of Elsa and Kristoff on ‘Once Upon a Time’

Once Upon a Time has officially set down in Arendelle as the first still of Elsa makes its Internet debut!

‘Once Upon a Time’ opens the door for more ‘Frozen’

Another Frozen character will make his way to Once Upon a Time this fall! But he is not a native of Arendelle!

‘Once Upon a Time’ showrunners talk ‘Frozen’ and season 4

Once Upon a Time is set to bring a few familiar faces to your screen this fall, but who are they leaving out and what intentions do they have for Elsa and company?

‘Once Upon a Time’ first look at Elsa in Storybrooke

Once Upon a Time fans, the first days of outdoor filming on the Storybrooke set are upon us! See Elsa take her first steps on the streets of Maine!

ABC bosses spill: Why ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ didn’t work

ABC Entertainment Group President offers his take on why Once Upon a Time in Wonderland failed to gain traction and the future of OUAT spin-offs.

ABC announces ‘SHIELD,’ ‘Scandal,’ ‘Once Upon a Time’ premiere dates

This morning ABC announced their complete Fall 2014 schedule with premiere dates and times for your favorite shows.

‘Once Upon a Time’ begins filming, announces returning cast member

Once Upon a Time begins filming for season 4 in Vancouver today with two special guests. Who is returning to Storybrooke?

‘Once Upon a Time’ adds a mystery ‘Frozen’ companion, title revealed

Once Upon a Time fans, listen here! If the speculation for Elsa and Anna’s back story on the show’s incorporation of Frozen was not enough, here is another bit of casting news and the premiere title!

‘Once Upon a Time’ rounds out ‘Frozen’ casting with Elsa

Once Upon a Time fans did not have to wait long for more casting news! The creators have found their Elsa!

‘Once Upon a Time’ finds Anna and Kristoff for season 4

Once Upon a Time announces two of the Frozen characters set to appear as part of season 4′s latest story arc.

‘Once Upon a Time’ adds 2 ‘Frozen’ characters to casting call

Once Upon a Time begins the casting process for the newest visitors to Storybrooke. See what characters from Arendelle are coming this fall!

Join the ‘Once Upon a Time’ immersive experience with Storybrooke Live

Miss Once Upon a Time? Hypable has the first look at the solution to ease your summer withdrawal! Check out our interview with Keith D. Cardin, creator of Storybrooke Live!

‘Once Upon a Time’ interview: Christie Laing talks with Hypable about Marian’s return

Hypable spoke with Christie Laing who plays Marian on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Read the full interview to find out what she is looking forward to most in Storybrooke!

‘Once Upon a Time’: Celebrating Regina’s ever-changing hair

Once Upon a Time has wrapped for season 3. Time to look back on one of the best parts of the last three years.