Agent Carter

Hayley Atwell reprises ‘Agent Carter’ role on ‘Avengers Assemble’

Agent Carter returns (sort of) as Hayley Atwell voices Peggy Carter on Marvel’s animated series Avengers Assemble.

Jeph Loeb is open to more ‘Agent Carter’ following unceremonious ABC cancellation

Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb has spoken out about a potential Agent Carter revival, revealing that ABC cancelled the show without consulting him.

Netflix says not picking up ‘Agent Carter’ was a ‘business decision’

Netflix has passed on picking up Agent Carter for a third season, and now they’re explaining why.

Report: Hayley Atwell tells fans Marvel isn’t done with ‘Agent Carter’

Hayley Atwell gives new hope to Agent Carter fans hoping Netflix or another streaming service will pick up the cancelled ABC series.

Hayley Atwell agrees with fans, Steve and Sharon were ‘disrespectful’ in ‘Civil War’

After Captain America: Civil War, many fans cried foul at Steve and Sharon, and now Hayley Atwell is joining in.

‘Agent Carter’ season 3 would have explored Peggy’s past, revealed a ‘family twist’

Hayley Atwell has been speaking more about the cancelled Agent Carter, previewing what the writers had planned for season 3.

Is there hope for ‘Agent Carter’? Hayley Atwell would do ‘whatever it takes’

Ever since ABC canceled Agent Carter, fans have been fighting to bring it back. Now, Hayley Atwell has joined the fight as well.

Thank you, Agent Carter

To my beloved Peggy Carter,

It has been a week since the bigwigs over at ABC decided to cancel Agent Carter and it still doesn’t feel real. petitions to save ‘Agent Carter,’ others amass tens of thousands of signatures

After last week’s TV show blood bath, several petitions have appeared on the popular activist website, and surprisingly, they’ve received a lot of signatures.