‘How I Met Your Dad’ might still have a fighting chance

Despite the fact CBS passed on the project for the Fall 2014 season, How I Met Your Dad could end up being revived for Fall 2015.

‘How I Met Your Dad’ not picked up by CBS, but may find life elsewhere

CBS announced this morning that they’ve decided to not go forward with the How I Met Your Mother spinoff due to a disagreement with producers.

Rumor: CBS orders ‘How I Met Your Dad’ to series

As tons of television shows find out their fate this week, CBS is reportedly close to picking up How I Met Your Dad for next season.

Additional ‘HIMYM’ series finale scene cut, deemed too ‘heart-wrenching’ to air

A funeral scene in the How I Met Your Mother series finale was cut because it was deemed too “heart-wrenching.” Would it change viewers’ perceptions about Ted’s choices in the How I Met Your Mother series finale? Maybe.

Meg Ryan cast as narrator for ‘How I Met Your Dad’

Just as Bob Saget narrated How I Met Your Mother as future Ted, another ’90s culture icon will be narrating How I Met Your Dad.

‘HIMYM’ co-creator takes to Twitter to announce alternate ending on DVD box set

With the announcement of a How I Met Your Mother box set, co-creator Carter Bays took to Twitter to explain what fans can expect. Contains spoilers.

Watch a fan-made ‘HIMYM’ alternate ending that may solve your problems

The ending of the much-maligned HIMYM finale has been “fixed” by a crafty YouTube user. No more sad tears here.

In defense of the ‘HIMYM’ finale (opinion)

I understand how many fans of the series feel cheated by how it all ended. My initial reaction was very mixed as well.

The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ series finale was insulting and shallow (opinion)

The How I Met Your Mother finale quickly transformed into “How I Destroyed Nine Years Of Character Growth In Forty Minutes.” Warning: Spoilers.

‘HIMYM’ cast have sudden change of heart, join cast of ‘HIMYD’

Just when you thought we were out, they pull us back in. Hours after the How I Met Your Mother series finale, the show runners announced that the original five cast members will be the main characters in How I Met Your Dad this fall.

‘HIMYM’ series finale recap: It’s all about the big moments

How did you think the How I Met Your Mother series finale would end? More importantly, did you predict it correctly? There was a lot to take in, did you catch it all? Read our recap to find out!

‘HIMYM’ season 9, episodes 23 and 24 air tonight: The series finale

How I Met Your Mother season 9, episode 23 and 24, “Last Forever” parts one and two air tonight at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. It’s the one-hour HIMYM series finale!

Kids, this is the story of ‘How I Met Your Mother’: A farewell to the show

As How I Met Your Mother draws to a close next week, we take a look at what made the show so special for nine seasons.

‘HIMYM’ season 9, episode 22 recap: They did!

On tonight’s How I Met Your Mother, Ted realizes he doesn’t love Robin anymore, and Robin and Barney finally make it down the aisle. As Marshall would say, vowza! Check out the full recap.