Heroes Reborn

NBC won’t reprise ‘Heroes: Reborn’ after lackluster reboot performance

Heroes fans had high hopes for Tim Kring’s Heroes: Reborn, but the reboot turned out to be more like its parent show’s season 4 than season 1.

Why is ‘Heroes: Reborn’ treating original characters so poorly?

Way back when the details of Heroes: Reborn were first announced, we were told right off the bat that the new miniseries would follow the lives of new heroes. Heroes we’ve never met before.

‘Heroes: Reborn’ season 1, episode 4 continues to bring the mystery along

We’re in the middle of all our character arcs on Heroes: Reborn and it looks like tonight will bring our favorite Heroes one step slower to another. Just one, tiny baby step.

‘Heroes: Reborn’ season 1, episode 3: A bare essentials recap

Sick of reading through paragraphs of play-by-plays to find out what happened on the last episode of Heroes: Reborn? Check out our quick and easy bare essentials recap of season 1, episode 3, “Under the Mask,” to get caught up on what’s really important.

‘Heroes: Reborn’ continues the mystery with season 1, episode 3

Heroes: Reborn returns tonight to continue the epic story they premiered last week in season 1, episode 3 “Under the Mask.” And yes, this is already the third episode!

‘Heroes: Reborn’ premiere: The good, the bad and the unfortunate

Heroes: Reborn premiered last night and while we already gave our first impressions, it’s time to fully review the episode for all that it’s worth.

‘Heroes: Reborn’ introduces new characters, new powers and new adventures

Tonight is the premiere we’ve all been waiting for: The return of the Heroes universe.

‘Heroes Reborn’ cast tease shifting allegiances, new characters

The new and old favorites from Heroes Reborn talked to us about their characters and the new world the heroes are living in.

‘Heroes: Reborn’ premiere brings everything you expect and more

Heroes: Reborn premieres in just under two weeks, and after viewing the first episode, we’re positive you’ll all want to be tuning in for a return we think is epic, extraordinary, and, of course, evolved.