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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13, episode 5 recap: Both sides now

Grey’s Anatomy season 13, episode 5, “Both Sides Now,” shifted the focus to Amelia and Owen while they prepared for the possibility of becoming parents.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13, episode 4 recap: Falling slowly

On Grey’s Anatomy season 13, episode 4, “Falling Slowly,” Meredith tried to push Riggs further away after working together on a case went terribly wrong.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13, episode 3 recap: Bringing down the hammer

Grey’s Anatomy season 13, episode 3, “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker,” brought family drama to the forefront and deepened Meredith’s love triangle.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13, episode 2 recap: Gotta have faith

Grey’s Anatomy season 13, episode 2, “Catastrophe and the Cure,” continued to show Alex’s downfall while managing to bring a lighter tone to the episode.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13 premiere recap: The past becomes the present

The Grey’s Anatomy season 13 premiere wastes no time in jumping into a very dark storyline that affects all the surgeons at Grey Sloan Memorial.

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If you’re a fan of the music on Grey’s Anatomy, you seriously need this Grey’s Anatomy playlist in your life.

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Will ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13 tear Alex and Jo apart?

Grey’s Anatomy is bringing its focus back to the original characters, and that means a big spotlight will be pointed at Alex and Jo’s troublesome relationship.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13 promo: Loyalties will be tested

A new Grey’s Anatomy season 13 promo is revealing just how much damage Alex caused when he attacked DeLuca.