Doctor Who

‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special, spinoff ‘Class’ trailers debut, featuring Peter Capaldi’s Doctor

The current Doctor (Peter Capaldi) makes a delicious appearance in the first trailer for the BBC’s Doctor Who spinoff Class. Unsurprisingly, he’s also all over the Christmas Special trailer!

‘Doctor Who: Class’ arrives on different dates, months apart

Doctor Who: Class is going to be seen in 2016 or 2017 depending upon where you live.

Chris Evans may star in Steven Moffat’s ‘Jekyll’

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat once made a Jekyll & Hyde TV series, that’s coming to the big screen — with Chris Evans possibly pulling a dual role.

‘Doctor Who’ spinoff series will feature a gay lead with a boyfriend

The upcoming Doctor Who spinoff series Class was already on our radar because it’s being penned by a YA writer and will focus on younger characters, but now we have another reason to get excited: A gay character will lead the show.

Did John Barrowman just hint at a ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special appearance?

John Barrowman has given what many Doctor Who fans consider a hint that Captain Jack Harkness will appear in this year’s Christmas Special!

‘Doctor Who’ introduces their new companion, Pearl Mackie

Doctor Who has finally announced who will be joining Peter Capaldi in the Tardis, and it’s none other than Pearl Mackie.

‘Doctor Who’ spinoff dreams: What we really want is ‘Torchwood’

The BBC announced last year that there will be a Doctor Who spinoff series in fall 2016 called Class. This is great, but what we really want is more Torchwood.

‘The Catch’ casts ‘Doctor Who’ alum John Simm

John Simm is joining the cast of The Catch in a role that puts to rest an early mystery of the series.

‘Doctor Who’ spinoff ‘Class’ announces cast

Doctor Who is expanding its universe, and the new teen cast has been announced.