Doctor Who

Did John Barrowman just hint at a ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special appearance?

John Barrowman has given what many Doctor Who fans consider a hint that Captain Jack Harkness will appear in this year’s Christmas Special!

‘Doctor Who’ introduces their new companion, Pearl Mackie

Doctor Who has finally announced who will be joining Peter Capaldi in the Tardis, and it’s none other than Pearl Mackie.

‘Doctor Who’ spinoff dreams: What we really want is ‘Torchwood’

The BBC announced last year that there will be a Doctor Who spinoff series in fall 2016 called Class. This is great, but what we really want is more Torchwood.

‘The Catch’ casts ‘Doctor Who’ alum John Simm

John Simm is joining the cast of The Catch in a role that puts to rest an early mystery of the series.

‘Doctor Who’ spinoff ‘Class’ announces cast

Doctor Who is expanding its universe, and the new teen cast has been announced.

Fandom crossover shocker: Diana Gabaldon to pen ‘Doctor Who’ episode

Diana Gabaldon of Outlander fame has been tapped to write a Doctor Who episode. The writer of a time travelling nurse will now be writing about a time travelling alien.

Former ‘Doctor Who’ companion Jenna Coleman takes the throne in ‘Victoria’ trailer

Jenna Coleman stars as a young Queen Victoria in new ITV drama Victoria. See her embody the iconic British monarch in a brand new trailer.

‘Doctor Who’ dilemma: Will Peter Capaldi choose to stay?

Doctor Who has changes on the horizon. Peter Capaldi has now weighed in on whether he’ll stay or go.

‘Doctor Who’ rumor: Rakhee Thakrar in companion talks

Doctor Who is going to have to find a companion to replace the vacancy left by Jenna Coleman’s departure. Rakhee Thakrar might be just what the show needs.