American Horror Story

‘AHS: Roanoke’ episode 2 review: Rationalize the irrational

AHS: Roanoke “Chapter 2” channels Blair Witch as a past fan-favorite returns to shed some light on the mysterious farm house.

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And with one word the AHS season 6 premiere linked the latest installment back to season 1 and gave their own twist to a very popular form of television.

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The AHS season 6 premiere airs tonight on FX and its about time we give credit to the most frustrating ad campaign in history.

‘AHS’ season 6 grabs another ‘Glee’ star

AHS season 6 taps Jacob Artist for a role in the upcoming installment, but that’s about all the new information we have at this moment.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Perfect Illusion’ comeback single is now available: Download, see lyrics!

A new era of Lady Gaga is underway. Her new single “Perfect Illusion” is now available for purchase, download, and streaming.

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