Ever since the True Blood season 6 finale, fans have been debating what happened to Eric, now showrunner Brian Buckner clarifies the character’s fate.

Buckner spoke with TV Line and revealed that Eric did not actually die the true death like many fans believe. The showrunner says, “I can tell you that Alexander Skarsgard is going to be a part of the next season of True Blood. He will be a series regular.”

But, that doesn’t mean we’ll see him right at the start of season 7. While he won’t say where Eric goes or what happens he does tease, “Pam has gone off in search of Eric, and maybe she’s going to be the one to find him, y’know?”

Buckner also revealed how easy it was to get Alexander Skarsgard to go full frontal in the True Blood season 6 finale. Saying that there wasn’t an actual conversation about it – he simply asked if Skarsgard was okay with it. Adding, “He knew the gift he was giving everybody.”

He also addressed the sudden switch of romance between Alcide and Sookie. Not only will this end the loop of vampire relationships for Sookie, it conveniently ties in the werewolves’ with the rest of the storyline. “We all felt the same thing that the audience was feeling, which was that Alcide needed to come back to center,” explains Buckner.

Bill will also be getting a re-set in season 7, says Buckner. The goal of next season is to see if Bill can be forgiven for his actions in the previous seasons. He also wants to prove that the characters on True Blood can actually change.

Another smaller tidbit, some fans (including us) believed that Lettie Mae was tricking her daughter by offering her blood. Buckner quickly shot down that theory, “This idea that Lettie Mae is trying to poison Tara? It’s absurd. That is genuine.”

Are you satisfied with Buckner’s explanations of the ‘True Blood’ season 6 finale?

Photo credit: HBO

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