The Divergent trilogy is getting the Barbie treatment with Tris and Four set for release in April.

Product listings have surfaced on a French Mattel website and depict dolls for the two lead characters in the Divergent movie. They appear to be modeled after the actors Shailene Woodley and Theo James, as opposed to descriptions from the book, if the boxes are any indication.

The Divergent Barbie dolls include the tattoos worn by the two characters, which represent their faction(s). A photo released by Mattel shows off Four’s back tattoo, while in the Tris photo you’ll see a small glimpse of Tris’. Unfortunately, there isn’t a high-res photo of the Tris doll like there is for Four.




The dolls are reportedly due for release in April, which is after the film’s March 21 release in the United States.

We noticed that a Tris and Four set have already been listed on eBay with a starting price of $140.

Would you consider adding Tris and Four dolls to your ‘Divergent’ collection?

The third and final Divergent trailer was released last week.

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