A good TV show makes you fall in love with its characters. A great TV show makes you fall in love with its couples – so much so that you obsess over each scene, each line and each respective actor that makes up that couple.

Sometimes you’ll make fan videos dedicated to these couples or even write fan fiction.  I don’t do this of course, although I’ve read that other people do(I totally do this).  As such, I thought I’d list some of my favorite TV couples. I know I’ve left out many couples, as I’ve only chosen one couple from each show listed.

SPOILERS ahead, be warned.

10. Desmond & Penny (Lost)

I watched Lost faithfully for 6 years. I hyped it up to everyone I knew and followed all the spoilers and all the storylines. Then came the finale. I’ve never been so upset at a shows end and for a while I was pretty upset that I had been such a dedicated fan without being given a well earned pay off. Now a few years later I’ve definitely made peace with Lost. To me it was a show about the journey, not the end, and in those terms it was pretty fulfilling. Though there were many couples to choose from on the show I can’t help but love Desmond and Penny. If you watch “The Constant” and don’t cry your heart out, then you have no soul. Desmond and Penny had an impossible relationship that spanned through time and the universe kept them apart, but in the end, they made it. She was the one thing that kept him from fading away, which is a powerful statement about love.

9. Amy and Rory (Doctor Who)

Doctor Who is not known for its romantic relationships, but the new series brought a lot of interesting things to the table.  It brought back a much darker Doctor and crazy new adventures.  While the Doctor himself got some action on the side, it’s hard to argue that Amy and Rory were by far the best couple on the show. The great thing about Amy and Rory is that the audience doesn’t believe in the relationship. Let me explain: Rory is a great guy and he obviously loves Amy, that’s never questioned, but in any other show he’d be stuck in the friend zone and Amy would definitely be with the Doctor, who is after all the hero of the show. This show finally gives one up to the nice guy. Why is it so unbelievable that a hot thing like Amy could love Rory? It isn’t. He’s great. It’s nice to finally a show pull that off. There are some incredibly great heartbreaking moments between the two, but they never seem to lose one another. I love how these two just seemed to make it work.

8. Sydney &Vaughn (Alias)

Alias was pretty much the coolest show back in the early 2000’s. It was a launch pad for Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper, and Michael Vartan. The show thrived on the performance of CIA Double Agent, Sydney Bristow and her handler Michael Vaughn, but all the secret missions in the world couldn’t compare to watching these two trade glances on the small screen. Sure, the show took a turn for the crazy after the second season, when Sydney went missing and Vaughn got married. And yes Vaughn ended up being someone we didn’t think he was and he was technically dead most of the final season, but at the end, these two ended up together in a story book ending only Hollywood could come up with. I think they deserved it and it was rightfully earned for the characters.

7. Chuck & Sarah (Chuck)

The first two seasons of Chuck were pretty fantastic. Fun, exciting, and sometimes over the top, but the show brought some life back into NBC. One of the biggest selling points of the show was the will they/wont they story-line between Chuck and CIA Agent Sarah. The two definitely had an Amy & Rory sort of thing and he was lovable and goofy and she was way-badass. Though at first Sarah dated Chuck to protect her CIA cover, she soon fell for him as I think any girl would. Over the course of the show Chuck went from being a lovable fool, to full time spy. Though it got complicated towards the end, I’d like to think they had their happily ever after.

6. Adama & Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)

No one likes it when mom and dad fight, the same can be said for Roslin and Adama. He was a retired Military Admiral and she quickly became the President of the twelve Colonies. At first they practically couldn’t stand one another and it was a bit hard to form any sort of lasting relationship when the human race is on the run from genocidal humanoid robots. But Adama and Roslin quickly formed a deep bond that became one of the only sources of joy in an increasingly depressing series. Though Roslin finally led her people to Earth, she didn’t live to see them flourish. Adama’s voice over during the finale addressing her, speaking of the cabin they had always hoped to build and the sunrise… Let’s just say I was a puddle of tears. Always and forever.

5. Veronica & Logan (Veronica Mars)

To say these two had a complicated relationship is an understatement. I was a big fan of Veronica Mars when it first debuted and obsessively followed the show for its 3-season run. At first Veronica and Logan hated each other and It made a lot of sense considering Logan was a douchey rich kid, who didn’t care about anyone and Veronica was selfless and a bit of a superhero.  But after their first kiss (one of the best ever) and their subsequent season 1 relationship, viewers were pretty obsessed. Their couple name was LOVE (LOgan + VEronica) for heaven’s sake. The show definitely ended before its time, so we never were able to see if they got together, but a girl can dream (or write a fan fiction right?)

4. Michael & Sara (Prison Break)

As you’ve probably noticed by now, a TV couple is a hard thing to pull off. The writing can be there, but if the actors don’t sell it, the audience never truly gets behind them. When it’s properly established though, the audience doesn’t only get behind a couple, they obsessively want them to be together. Such is the case between Michael Scofield and Sara Tan. He was of course an inmate trying to break his brother out of jail, she was a prison doctor. It’s hard to say who fell in love with whom first, but my money’s on Sara. Have you seen Michael Scofield? The couple made it though 4 seasons of conspiracies, betrayal, and even death.  Yet came out on the other side alive and well. Though their ending wasn’t a fairytale or even that happy it was just as satisfying. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much during a series finale.

3. Buffy & Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Yes I know, Buffy and Angel, but trust me on this. I’ve always felt like the Buffy and Angel relationship ended when Angel got his own show and yet I was a big fan of him and Cordelia as a couple as well. I just felt that the Buffy and Spike relationship was much more interesting. It didn’t start as star crossed lovers, but as villain versus hero and that’s just good TV. I loved that Spike fell in love with Buffy before he got his soul because I felt like it made him better than Angel. He actively sought out his soul for the woman he loved and I also appreciated the the fact that Buffy was pretty well guarded during most of their relationship.  And by guarded I mean totally awful to him, but hey, she had a lot to deal with (death, resurrection, heaven, etc).  I think that on some level Buffy did really love Spike and I don’t read the comics, so I’m out of the loop on this one, but somewhere I’d like to think Buffy and Spike reconnected again.

2. Stefan & Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

During college I thought it would be fun to watch this show on the side. Unbeknownst to me, one of my roommates had all the episodes on iTunes and was totally obsessed with the show. She never really mentioned it and I decided to watch them with her. What started out as a casual show quickly became an obsession. At the focus of this obsession was the relationship between Stefan and Elena. They were absolutely amazing together that first season. The chemistry, the drama, and the heartache was just so compelling. The fact that this one guy could love this girl so much, it was simply captivating. I wanted nothing more than for them to go off and live happily ever after. Of course bringing up this relationship means I need to also bring up Damon. The love triangle between Stefan, Elena and Damon is one of the best on TV. Delena fans: no one loves Damon more than me, I love him. He has the best lines in the show and he’s just so fun when he’s on screen and yet I think Elena and him could never work out. This means I’m team Stefan and Elena and I do hope they get back together by the end of this season.

1. Max & Liz (Roswell)

I’m a Max and Liz kind of girl forever and always. The thing is in all 3 seasons of the show not once did anyone think or even entertain the idea that these two would not end up together. Sure they broke up during the second season and then Max had a child with Tess, but those were just a few minor setbacks. See, unlike the rest of the couples on this list, the ridiculous premise of this show would never tear Max and Liz apart. Why? because in the long run they realized no matter what they did, bad things would happen. They would always be stronger together than apart. The show did well keeping this a struggle between the two, and they tried to set up the whole love triangle when they brought in Tess, but come on, we all knew she was evil. I commend the show for fully committing to the couple and to their ending.  Sometimes its not about the will they/wont they, it’s about the “how do we make this work when the universe wont let us.” They found the best possible way.

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