Imagine seeing one of these headlines in 2013. You’ll be shaking in your boots like we were when merely typing them out.

“Pixar announces Toy Story 4 in development”

Rumors over the past couple of years have suggested that Disney Pixar is kicking around the idea of a fourth Toy Story film. The murmurs come to the dismay of fans who don’t want to see the story extended past the happy ending where Andy said goodbye to his beloved toys. We think Pixar should focus on dreaming up new ideas rather than diving back into Toy Story.

“Netflix: ‘We know we suck now. We’re closing'”

The online streaming service has struggled to remain relevant in 2012 as competition from Amazon and Apple grows. Moreover, the content pickings have been pretty slim, especially when it comes to films that have been recently released on DVD/Blu-ray. Despite this, we love being able to cozy up with Netflix and have access to (most of) our favorite shows and films. If Netflix left us, where would we go for our endless entertainment?

Catching Fire delayed until July 2014, Lionsgate cites need for ‘summer tentpole'”

Harry Potter fans were traumatized in 2008 when Warner Bros. announced that they were pushing the release of Half-Blood Prince to the following summer because they needed a summer blockbuster. Lionsgate seems pretty happy with their November release dates, having scheduled the remaining three films for November 2013, 2014, and 2015, but if the need for a big summer hit beckons, it may be hard to resist pushing one of The Hunger Games films into a July opening.

Glee to be canceled following the end of season five, producers oddly blame lack of new songs to cover”

In 2012 we said goodbye to great shows we’ve covered like Terra Nova, Merlin, and Weeds. Ratings for Glee have been on a steady decline over the past couple of years, and Fox may consider an end to their once-successful show if the trend continues. Reasons for the show’s decline? A sometimes strange storyline, an unnecessarily large cast of characters, and breaks in the season which may hurt the show’s momentum. Despite the issues, we still love it and aren’t ready to see the kids go.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special plans scrapped after former Doctors required huge, unachievable paydays”

Throughout this year we’ve been hoping to learn who and what the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special will involve. While details have still been light, we’re so nervous about it that we live in fear of it all falling apart. If we don’t see this headline in 2013, hopefully we will see this one: “David Tennant officially on board for 50th Anniversary Special.”

“Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson sign on to Twilight reboot”

The two stars have heard talk of it happening and rumors have teased us, but ultimately it would not be a good idea to see the Twilight series be rebooted or spun off in any capacity involving Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson. Edward and Bella’s original story has ended, and now we must look forward to other vampire stories – perhaps told by Stephenie Meyer.

“Nicki Minaj releases new album”

This one we already know is going to happen. The rapper has announced Pink Friday: The Pinkprint for a 2013 release. We were very put off by Minaj when she had her American Idol judging outburst, and quite frankly we’re not looking forward to seeing her critique singers with actual talent on Fox’s singing show.

“Pottermore continues doing what they’re doing, fans continue visiting site five times a year”

J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore completed the release of the first two books this year, but we found ourselves bored with many of the “chapters” and “moments” throughout. We’re itching for new features to be brought onto the site, and if they keep chugging along as they did this year, then we’re not going to have much to look forward to. In fairness, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed J.K. Rowling’s new writing.

Sherlock series 3 delayed until 2014, Benedict Cumberbatch to blame for getting too popular”

The upside: Benedict Cumberbatch has had a huge year for his career. A role in The Hobbit as the dragon Smaug, a role in Star Trek: Into Darkness as Khan, and various smaller projects – all while trying to work in his Sherlock duties. But that’s just the problem! Cumberbatch has gotten so famous and perfect and amazing that Sherlock has had to take a back seat. Need tangible evidence? In November we learned that the production start had to be delayed due to Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s schedules.

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin dies, series left unfinished, world says ‘Told you so'”

It’s a legitimate concern. Martin is old (64 years of age), and he’s taking his sweet time finishing up his A Song of Ice and Fire series. How do we tell our beloved, women crazed author to step it up a notch and get her done?

“Average movie ticket price skyrockets to all time high, movie torrenting propels to all time high too”

We love going to the movies, but damn if the cost of doing so hasn’t gotten pricey. This writer has found himself attending early morning showings of new films in order to see them on the cheap. With filmmakers and theaters looking to squeeze every last penny out of us using gimmicks like 3D and IMAX, we’re hoping the average price doesn’t continue to rise.

“Peter Jackson finds additional J.R.R. Tolkien appendices, announces The Hobbit will be a quinary”

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit director Peter Jackson was already skating on thin ice when he decided to create two films out of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit book. Then earlier this year he and Warner Bros. decided to turn it into a trilogy. At this rate, we’re bracing for a decision to actually split the trilogy into a quinary (five films). Afterall, he’s got at least 20-25 minutes of material for An Unexpected Journey’s Extended Edition.

Thanks to MerelyFreshmen and HannahGann who contributed ideas to this article.

Which headlines do you NOT want to see in 2013? Write your own in the comments!

Honorable mentions (submitted by our readers while this article was in development):
Scott: “Harry Potter rebooted with the cast of Twilight”
Pablo: “New Arrested Development episodes disappoint fans”
Jen: “Stephenie Meyer adds a fifth book to the Twilight series.
Jamie: “Ender’s Game movie delayed/canceled.. again.”
Lori: “Lionsgate casting Twilight TV series; Stephenie Meyer not collaborating”
Jason: Disney buys whatever the hell is left for them to buy”

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Sherlock finally made it to Hall H at Comic-Con and the creative team brought a few surprises. Steven Moffatt, Sue Vertue, Mark Gatiss, Amanda Abbington, and Benedict Cumberbatch were on hand to the thrill of fans.

Benedict Cumberbatch and crew definitely know how to work a crowd. Here are the top highlights of the panel that played to a crowd of thousands.

1. Season 4

They are currently two weeks from finishing Sherlock season 4. Cumberbatch said that “a lot comes home to roost this season… it’s ballsy.”

They have 26 pages to film this Tuesday. Cumberbatch states that the monologues are very challenging and take a lot of work.

As for actors’ favorite lines this season:

Gatiss: “Sherlock.”

Abington: Not a line but a beckoning gesture.

Cumberbatch: Can’t say.

Key names for next season (change from doing key words):

  • Moffat: Smith
  • Gatiss: Thatcher
  • Vertue: Sherinford

2. Keeping the show fresh

By not making as many episodes, the creators feel they actually keep the quality. They joked that under normal standards they’ve actually made about half a season of a standard TV show, or 13 episodes.

There are no plans for any other Victorian Era shows. Moffat feels that it would be less interesting if the mind palace returned there.

3. Learning curves and drugs

Gatiss stated that with 90-minute episodes you “really have to put [Sherlock and Watson] through the ringer.” Moffat added that because of this, Watson has to evolve. Watson can’t keep being amazed by Sherlock. As for Sherlock, “he can’t be the weird scary amoral man we met in the first episode… geniuses learn… he has to learn.”

Sherlock’s drug addiction comes back when he is not working. It’s hinted that the addiction will be a bigger issue this season than in the past.

4. The coat and the hair

There is apparently a big debate every year over changing the iconic coat. Sue Vertue wants to change it, and Steven Moffat wants to keep it. Benedict Cumberbatch dove into the debate stating, “I’m quite hung up on the coat…. but sometimes it has to come off.” The audience reaction was predictable.

Cumberbatch joked that he loved playing Sherlock in the Victorian era because of the slicked back hair. In the modern era it takes forever for his hair to get done. On a serious note, he loved the more straight-laced, clipped version of Sherlock.

5. First ‘Sherlock’ season 4 trailer

The teaser trailer featured this phrase over and over: “Something’s coming. It may be Moriarity, maybe not.” Literally every character we know and love looks like they are scared, angry, or worried on an epic scale.

One of the best moments is Mrs. Hudson saying with supreme venom to Mycroft, “Get out of my house you reptile.” Watch below:

6. Improv and family

There is actually, according to Cumberbatch, very little improvisation on set. It’s about how to do what’s there, and not messing with the script. He firmly believes that what is there is what is needed for the show.

Cumberbatch genuinely loves having his mom and dad play his TV mom and dad. Every now and then he can see his mother struggle to call him “Sherlock” and not “Ben.”

7. Mary in the know

Abbington didn’t know she was an assassin until well into the last season. When she found out, she told partner Martin Freeman, “My God, [the fans] are going to hate me.” Despite this, she loves the flawed characters of the series.

8. When will the series return?

No date was given for either the BBC release date or the PBS release date. We only know that it will premiere in 2017.

9. The dog photo

According to Cumberbatch the dog (depicted above) was a nightmare. “The dog wouldn’t fucking move,” he said. The companion was supposed to drag Sherlock all over London, but the dog didn’t like people, concrete, crowds… really anything about an urban setting.

Moffat and Gatiss resorted to writing a new scene on the spot to account for the lack of the dog’s interest in roaming. According to Gatiss all it did was drool on the concrete.

10. Future seasons?

Touching on the future of the series, Moffat stated, “Why is everybody assuming they survive season 4?” Gatiss joked, “We’re skipping season 5 and doing season 6.”

Moffat clarified that — contrary to recent reports — he never said that this season would be the last one (He’s right: All he said was the schedules of Cumberbatch and Freeman are only getting more difficult to work with). Gatiss added that they want to do more seasons, and they hope that they are able to.

Sherlock will be back in 2017. What do you think of the first season 4 trailer?

Marvel presented at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday evening and offered new looks at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and more.

“We only want to come to Hall H when we have a lot to show you,” teased Marvel’s Kevin Feige at the start of the panel. Indeed, they had a ton to offer — including news of a new Marvel theme park attraction!

Everything we’ve learned at Marvel’s SDCC panel

  1. Marvel kicked off their panel with a new logo and updated fanfare by composer Michael Giacchino.

  2. Black Panther had some casting news to share: Lupita N’yongo will be playing one of the guards at Wakanda named Nakia. Meanwhile, Michael B. Jordan will be playing Erik Killmonger. We also received brand new casting news: Danai Gurira has joined the movie — She’ll play Okoye, head of Dora Milaje! Finally, a new logo for the film was revealed:


  3. Thor: Ragnarok unveiled a behind-the-scenes look at the new film which included a look at Cate Blanchett as Hela. They also showed a documentary-style clip (think The Office) explaining where Hulk and Thor were during the events of Captain America: Civil War! In it, Thor had a tiny bed for Mjolnir and a crime board that tried to connect the Infinity Stones and discover their purpose. There is also mugshot of Loki. Like Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok had a new logo to show off with a retro looking subtitle:


  4. Doctor Strange’s portion of the panel kicked off with a smoke and laser show to introduce Benedict Cumberbatch.

    Tilda Swinton was also at the panel and spoke about the Ancient One. “The truth is, anyone can be The Ancient One,” she said. A clip from Doctor Strange was also showed in which Steven Strange meets Tilda’s character (It won’t be online).

  5. Thankfully, a brand new and wholly epic Doctor Strange trailer was released. Watch below:

    A new poster was also unveiled:


  6. Next up was Spider-Man: Homecoming. Director Jon Watts described the film as a high school movie about a 15-year-old Peter Parker who’s in the 10th grade. A new clip was unveiled and had a strong John Hughes vibe — Peter Parker is just your average high schooler trying to get through the day. There was also this great moment:

  7. Next up: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which kicks off a few months after the first movie. The entire cast was there to introduce a new scene in which a very adorable Baby Groot helps Yondu and Rocket break out of prison. Baby Groot even has a little outfit! Adorably, the Ravengers — who captured Yondu and Rocket — refuse to hurt Baby Groot because of how cute he is.

    This movie got a new logo as well.


  8. Speaking of Marvel’s space dramedy, the studio also confirmed rumors of a Guardians of the Galaxy theme park attraction. It’s called Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! and debuts Summer 2017 at Disneyland’s California Adventure theme park. Sadly, it’s replacing the classic Tower of Terror ride. Check out a behind the scenes video of the attraction:

  9. Marvel ended their panel by confirming that Brie Larson will play Captain Marvel, as was previously rumored. She took the stage to say hi to the adoring audience, and participated in a giant Marvel selfie:

All in all, Marvel had a ton to share. What do you think of all the developments?

DC kept the trailer train trotting along today with an all new trailer for Suicide Squad!

Though Suicide Squad is just a few weeks away from hitting theaters, DC kept the momentum going today with an all new trailer featuring music from the soundtrack, new footage, and a better look at what exactly we can expect from the upcoming villain-focused super hero movie. Check it out below.

The new (and likely final) Suicide Squad trailer comes after surprise premiere of the Wonder Woman trailer and an even bigger surprise with our first look at the Justice League trailer. As with the other trailers today, this one debuted publicly alongside its Comic-Con Hall H premiere.

In this trailer, we hear a lot from Will Smith who plays Deadshot and arguably the most decorated and respected actor among the cast. “They’re gonna blame us for the whole thing. We’re the patsies, don’t forget. We’re the bad guys.” The trailer is jam-packed with all of the villains and their powers and skills on full display.

We also get a better look at the leader of the pack, Jared Leto’s The Joker. “I can’t wait to show you my toys,” Leto’s Joker says while slapping around a man.

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn also gets a lot of screen time in this trailer. Though, most of it features close ups of her back side, which stays close to the adult, rugged tone of the other trailers we have seen thus far.

There’s no doubt that fans will be flocking to theaters rooting on the bad guys when Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5th. Suicide Squad features

What did you think of the thrilling, action-packed trailer for Suicide Squad?