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Life at the prison is getting more tense as they prepare for an attack from The Governor, watch these sneak peeks from The Walking Dead episode 3×15 “The Sorrowful Life” to see how the characters are getting ready.

Daryl is worried that Glenn hasn’t forgiven his brother for what he’s done. In trying to appease his friend, Daryl says that Merle does feel badly for what happened at Woodbury and plans to have him apologize. Glenn reveals that he isn’t so much bothered about what happened to him as he is about what Maggie went through. It seems Daryl didn’t know just how bad things got for the pair at Woodbury.

Rick is still heavily weighing his option with The Governor and whether or not he should hand over Michonne. Before he makes his decision on the matter a conversation with Merle reveals just how twisted their adversary is. Could Merle be the swaying factor that keeps Michonne safe and out of The Governor’s clutches?

The Walking Dead episode 3×15 “The Sorrowful Life” synopsis reads:

Rick and the others learn that if they want a truce with The Governor, they must make a sacrifice.

What do you think will happen in “The Sorrowful Life”?

Photo credit: AMC

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