The Vampire Diaries is introducing two new characters, called Vaughn and Caitlin, and now you can find out who they are!

Many have speculated that the new character Vaughn – a charismatic, tough, ruggedly handsome 20-something guy – is one of the Five Hunters, and Zap2It can now confirm that this is the case.

Vaughn will come to Mystic Falls in episode 4×13 comfortable with his role, and he’ll have a lot of previous knowledge about Damon which will initially give him the upper hand against the vampire. But he’ll be taken aback by Damon’s strong feelings for Elena – whatever that means!

This episode will also introduce Caitlin, a woman “with a profound and surprising impact on Professor Shane,” whose presence will enlighten us as to his true motive and motivation for working with Connor (and presumably the other Hunters).

Vaughn might also be in town to teach Jeremy something about his abilities and purpose. We found out in last week’s episode that Jeremy inherited Connor’s Hunter powers, and the youngest Gilbert will presumably begin to come into his own as a Hunter of vampires – of course whether or not he’ll embrace that role or fight it, we don’t yet know.

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday at 8/7c on The CW with “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes.” Elena is having powerful hallucinations after killing Connor, but why? Will they find a way to save her? We can’t wait to find out!

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