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In a new interview, Paul Wesley talks about his character on The Vampire Diaries, and what he sees happening between Stefan and Elena. He also teases tomorrow night’s episode.

Speaking to TV Line, Wesley says that he’s “not necessarily” interested in seeing Stefan and Elena get back together right now, but:

I just feel like things have to happen naturally, and I don’t want anything force-fed. I don’t want the audience to get sick of any one relationship. Quite truthfully, I think they needed to break up — and I think eventually they’ll need to get back together.

He adds that:

The fans should definitely maintain some hope. … The thing to remember is that Stefan and Elena have this love that is so strong, and it was sort of the core of Season 1 — you can’t entirely disregard that. The fans should definitely be aware of the fact that Stefan and Elena are very much a possibility.

He also previews tomorrow night’s episode ‘Break On Through,’ in which Elena turns to Stefan for help with Alaric:

That’s what brings them together — this little mission. She comes to Stefan for help, and somehow he decides to help her. That mission is what makes them grow closer, and it allows them to have all these conversations about their own relationship. It serves as a backdrop to their story.

Read the full interview here on TV Line.

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