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My name is Andrew Sims, and I used to be a The Sims addict. No, I didn’t invent the game. People who incorrectly think they’re being funny like to ask me that.

But quite often – multiple times a week, in fact – people on Twitter think I’m the game.

Over the years I’ve fielded lots of questions related to the popular people simulation game. I hear about pregnancies, install issues, frustrations with Sim relationships, and much more.

I love retweeting these to my followers, but the problem is that as soon as I do it, the gamer realizes the mistake they made and then deletes their tweet.

This post will serve as a log of these tweets which I will screen cap and add here from now on.

The types of tweets I receive are…

One Direction fans who try to virtually have a baby with one of the group members

'The Sims' @sims tweet mistake

As a result, they have no real friends

'The Sims' @sims tweet mistake

Family bonding

'The Sims' @sims tweet mistake

New Years celebrating

'The Sims' @sims tweet mistake

Tech advice

'The Sims' @sims tweet mistake

Install anger

'The Sims' @sims tweet mistake

RE Install anger


'The Sims' @sims tweet mistake

Buggy updating

'The Sims' @sims tweet mistake

Pregnancy troubles :(

'The Sims' @sims tweet mistake

Pregnancy success :)

'The Sims' @sims tweet mistake

Baking troubles :(

'The Sims' @sims tweet mistake

More to come as more mistakes are made!

UPDATE! The official Sims 3 Twitter saw this article and provided their own mistaken Sims 3 tweet:

The Sims 3 mistake tweets

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