The Sims 4 romance

Very little additional information about emotions has been revealed since the game’s official unveiling at Gamescom, where we learned that Sims will bounce between many different emotional states based on their needs, interactions and environments.

These emotional states in turn affect the interactions available to Sims, for example, in a romantic state a Sim would be unable to insult the Sim they had been flirting with.

The recent issue of The Sims Official Magazine gives us a couple of new examples. First, angry Sims can run faster on treadmills to help them calm down, and second, if Sims are feeling down they are able to eat ice cream in the bathtub (that’s what we all do in that situation, right?).

In an interview with IGN, Grant Rodiek, Producer on The Sims 4, said that there were about 15 emotions in the game, including “bored, stressed, inspired, focused, energised, cranky, playful, dazed and confident.”

Traits, whims and aspirations

Traits make their return from The Sims 3. Whims are short-term goals that Sims may decide they want “in-the-moment,” such as playing chess. Whims grant lifetime happiness points which can be used to purchase rewards.

Aspirations will generally equate to lifetime wishes in The Sims 3 (for example, Sims will aspire to reach the pinnacle of a certain career, buy a certain object or master a skill), but Sims will be able to have any number of these long term goals.

Once an aspiration has been achieved, the Sim gains a relevant aspiration trait.

Build and buy modes

At the Gamescom reveal we saw a quick glimpse at how easily rooms can be placed and resized in The Sims 4. The official magazine reveals that foundations can be added and removed without having to destroy the entire house.

Clicking on a tile will bring up information about the objects and furnishings in that room, from where you can easily preview and buy sets of items that fit various themes, such as modern décor. You will also be able to quickly ensure items in the room all fit your desired colour palette, if you wish.


The magazine reveals that there will be more expensive clothes in The Sims 4, and your Sims’ emotions will be affected by the price and type of the clothing that they wear.

New screenshots

Finally, SimCookie published five new Sims 4 screenshots. Click the images below to enlarge them.


The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim

The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim face

Houses & build mode

The Sims 4 build mode

The Sims 4 house

Live mode

The Sims 4 interactions

In case you missed them, a selection of previously leaked Sims 4 screenshots were added to the EA website last month.

The Sims 4 is due to release in 2014.

What are you looking forward to in ‘The Sims 4’?

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