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Grey DeLisle recently spoke to fans of The Legend of Korra, and revealed additional details about her work on season 2 of the animated series.

A few crumbs of new information about The Legend of Korra season 2 have come out of this past weekend’s Emerald City Comic-Con. Voice actress Grey DeLisle (the memorable voice behind Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s Princess Azula) attended Emerald City Comic-Con, and mentioned to a lucky fan that she would be voicing three characters in The Legend of Korra season 2. In addition to her role as the still-mysterious “Dark Spirit,” DeLisle will provide the voice of “the younger version of an established character” who was the victim of a traumatic event. (No information was given as to the identity of DeLisle’s third character.)

The established character in question has set fans buzzing with speculation as to her identity. A popular theory offers that DeLisle may be voicing a younger Lin BeiFong, who bears three prominent (and unexplained) scars on her cheek, in addition to being jilted by Tenzin as a young woman. It is also possible that the character is Korra’s mother Senna (younger designs for both Senna and Korra’s father Tonraq have been produced for season 2), or Asami Sato, who lost her own mother at a young age. As with so many of the details of The Legend of Korra season 2, the specifics currently remain a mystery.

One other small Korra mystery has been cleared up by one of the show’s co-creators, however. Bryan Konietzko recently reblogged a stylized portrait of Korra’s uncle Unalaq with his son Desna and his daughter, whose previously-unknown name Konietzko revealed to be Eska. Tangentially, this means that Alyson Stoner’s reported character of “Opal” is not the female “Creepy Twin,” and possibly increases the likelihood that Opal will not appear until season 3 of The Legend of Korra.

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