Want to catch a screening of Stephenie Meyer’s book-to-film adaptation of The Host early, and for free? And meet the cast? And meet Meyer herself?

Open Road Films have put together the following screenings in select cities. The Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Chicago screenings will include a live Q&A with Stephenie Meyer and stars Max Irons and Jake Abel. The Minneapolis screening will include a live Q&A with Irons and Apel.

You can RSVP to any of the screenings using the appropriate link below. Though you do have to RSVP, the screenings are still first come, first serve so you should get there early to ensure a seat.


Washington DC




Earlier today we brought you an exclusive interview with author Stephenie Meyer where she spoke to us about writing a world that she’s familiar with, unlike Twilight: “When I wrote ‘The Host,’ it is about my home in a lot of ways. It is a place that I know and that I’m comfortable in, so the story is closer to home for me because it is my genre. I like science fiction, that’s my favorite world, and so then I also set it in my physical world that I live in and it felt like the right thing to do. In some ways it’s a lot more personal for me.”