Despite filming a pilot and a strong push by producers, it looks like the Dwight Schrute spinoff of The Office, called The Farm, won’t be happening.

The news comes straight from the horse’s mouth, Rainn Wilson, who currently plays Dwight Schrute on The Office.

Earlier yesterday Rainn tweeted:

Recently, Rainn went to his official Facebook page to address the status of what was happening with the spinoff, noting that there would be an episode of The Office titled “The Farm” where the audience would learn more about Dwight’s family, setting it up as an introduction of sorts with the characters.

It seems that Rainn is in good spirits about the decision, and surely he will have more projects to consider after The Office ends its ninth and final season this year.

Are you disappointed that there won’t be an Office spinoff with Dwight and his family with The Farm? It definitely seems that the hype of The Office has come to an end in the last couple of seasons since the departure of Steve Carrell as Michael Scott.

A new episode of The Office will air this Thursday at 9/8c on NBC.

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