The Big Bang Theory has filled the role of one character’s never-before-seen mother, and released the official episode description for “The Parking Spot Escalation”. reports that The Big Bang Theory will officially add Bernadette to its roster of characters with idiosyncratic mothers. Meagen Fay will appear as Mrs. Rostenkowski in an episode set to air on Dec. 6, reportedly in a (certain-to-be-awkward) dinner scene. Casey Sandler, who guest-starred as Bernadette’s father in the finale of season 5, will return as well. (Poor Howard!)

The Big Bang Theory will tick off another CBS sitcom for Fay. Her major projects include The Bernie Mac Show and Malcolm in the Middle, but the actress has appeared twice on Two and a Half Men, and has also guest starred as Lily’s mother Janice on How I Met Your Mother.

CBS has also released the official description for episode 6×09, “The Parking Spot Escalation“:

When the University reassigns Sheldon’s parking spot to Wolowitz, their fight affects the whole gang.

The episode will air on Nov. 29, and will reportedly feature a dry cleaner, a couch cushion, and the mystery of why on Earth the vehicularly-challenged Sheldon Cooper would need a parking space. (Yes, yes, we know – “It’s my spot!”)

Sheldon will play the Pasadena man of mystery as well in “The 43 Peculiarity.” CBS says:

Howard and Raj try to get to the bottom of why Sheldon disappears every afternoon at 2:45. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny deal with jealousy in their relationship.

The Big Bang Theory airs at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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