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24 just aired its season 9 finale. What did you think? And more importantly: will the franchise “Live Another Day”?

The series premiere of 24 aired 26 days after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Aside from being a very unfortunate timing circumstance for any show to deal with, it’s also just flat out insane to think that this show is still on the air in 2014.

Sure, it may have taken four years off, but Kiefer Sutherland’s body did not. Television has changed so much in just four years that the thought of a ninth season of 24 was like a fossil coming to life to lumber around network TV for 12 weeks.

But you know what? 24: Live Another Day was pretty awesome. And the season finale was no different. It turned out that this old fossil still had some life left in its bones. It shows all the young-blood TV shows how to properly execute a finale and even the most daring of all television trapeze acts: a time jump.

So what are your thoughts on the Live Another Day finale? Audrey’s death? The season in general? Where does it rank amongst 24‘s nine seasons? And most importantly, what’s next for Jack Bauer in the franchise?

If you’re not ready for the 24 media train to end, check out a Reddit AMA producers Manny Coto and Evan Katz participated in, Mary Lynn Rajskub’s thoughts on another season and some exciting hints about an old series’ favorites’ potential return.

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