It’s a race against time as The 100 season 4 counts down to the end of the world. Prepare for the big finale with our spoiler-light preview!

This Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW, the world comes to an end. Or, you know, The 100 season 4 finale airs and the nine-ish-month long hiatus begins, which will pretty much be just as hard to endure.

The 100 season 4 started with our heroes finding out that the planet was on the brink of a second nuclear apocalypse, and through the season we’ve seen Clarke and her friends grapple with the reality of the world’s impending end, fighting fruitless battles with the Grounders and each other for the right to survive.

For most of the season, Praimfaya seemed like a far-away, intangible concept, but over the past few weeks the characters have begun to feel the very real, painful effects of the rapidly approaching death wave: radiation levels are rising rapidly, black rain storms are ravaging the planet, and beloved characters have been dying en masse.

The 100 Praimfaya

Which brings us to the game-changing season 4 finale — an unrelenting, heart-pounding hour of television, directed by Dean White and written by showrunner Jason Rothenberg.

There is always something special about Rothenberg’s episodes, and this one is no exception. Action-packed as the the finale is, it is ultimately about the characters and their relationships with each other, chock full of personality and memorable dialogue.

There’s a fresh energy and a sense of playfulness to the episode, perhaps brought on by the adrenaline of knowing that this time, it really is their final chance for survival. There are no more ‘only choices,’ and they all know it. Clarke, especially, displays a sense of self-awareness we haven’t seen from her in a long time.

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Fans will really be able to feel the deep history between the core group of characters, which guides every decision they make; there isn’t time for everything — the episode is definitely delinquent-centric — but none of the episode’s key players or dynamics feel short-changed in this heartfelt, emotional and surprisingly nostalgic finale that reads like a love letter to the show as a whole.

Even if you haven’t been watching this season of The 100 on a week-to-week basis, this is one episode you absolutely cannot miss. “Praimfaya” will reward and thrill its core audience, while also offering several exciting reasons for casual fans to tune back in for season 5.

Here are five teasers to give you an idea of why you absolutely must watch ‘The 100’ season 4 finale, ‘Praimfaya’

  1. The episode introduces an exciting new dynamic between two unlikely characters.
  2. Bellamy is the emotional glue that holds it all together.
  3. Keep an eye and an ear out for the episode’s multiple season 1 references, some more obvious than others.
  4. After watching the episode, there should be no question about which relationships are ultimately at the heart of this story.
  5. Like all the best season finales, “Praimfaya” is an ending and a beginning all at once, and will leave us with so much to think and theorize about during the hiatus.

‘The 100’ season 4 finale ‘Praimfaya’ airs Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW

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