Teen Wolf season 3, episode 6 just finished airing on the East Coast! Come read our recap and discuss “Motel California” with your fellow fans.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 6 “Motel California” began with a flashback to the 1970s. We see a man enter a hotel room, injured and bitten. He puts a shot gun to his head and pulls the trigger, and afterwards we get a close up of his license and see the name Argent.

Flashing to the present, the cross country bus stops at the same hotel for the night. Lydia feels apprehensive, but doesn’t have much choice. It’s the closest hotel with the most vacancies.

Stiles tells Scott his list of suspects, the main ones being Cora, Deaton, and Lydia. He doesn’t trust the other two, but it’s obvious he doesn’t like suspecting Lydia. However, they can’t deny something strange is going on with her.

Meanwhile, Miss Blake takes Derek to his apartment after he comes to her bleeding and half dead. He seems very touch and go for a while.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Motel California Boyd

Back at the hotel, things start to get strange right off the bat with Boyd acting more stoic than usual (who thought that was possible?), and Scott being a little too forward with Allison. Lydia goes to the front desk to get new towels and sees a number on the wall. The woman tells her the hotel is number one in terms of most guest suicides — 198 and counting.

Back in the hotel room, Lydia hears voices coming from next door. They belong to a young couple, who promptly makes a pact to kill each other. When she and Allison go to investigate, they don’t find anything. The others begin to have their own experiences, with Boyd finding a young girl in the freezer and Isaac thinking he hears his father yelling at him.

When Lydia and Allison go back to the front desk, they notice that the number on the wall has gone from 198 to 201.

Next, Scott gets a call from his mother. She’s outside the hotel room with Deucalion, who proceeds to slash her throat open. It’s another hallucination (thank God), and is followed up with Ethan and Boyd having their own experiences. It seems Ethan has some fears having to do with his brother, and Boyd appears to have witnessed his sister dying.

Lydia is, naturally, upset when Stiles tells her he’s wondering if she’s behind the murders. She walks away, but stops when she hears a baby crying. She says someone is drowning, and as she comes to this conclusion, we see Boyd attempting to kill himself in the bathtub.

Lydia and Stiles break Boyd and Isaac of their trances by putting flames to them. As they leave the hotel room, they come upon Scott holding a flare over a can of spilled gas. Stiles won’t let him go out like that, though, and risks his own life, telling Scott he’ll have to take him out too.

Stiles saves Scott and tosses the flare away, but something blows it toward the gasoline. Lydia knocks them to the ground to save them, but when she looks at the fire, she sees the Darach amongst the flames.

Later, Lydia figures out that the Darach put wolfsbane in the coach’s whistle, and that’s how everyone was poisoned. Ethan, because they saved his life, decides to give them some information. He tells Scott that they think Derek is alive. However, because he killed Ennis, Derek either has to join their pack or they’ll kill him.

At the very end of the episode, we see Chris visiting none other than Gerard, who proceeds to tell him that Deucalion is the Alpha that bit his uncle, the man we saw commit suicide in the beginning of the episode.

Favorite quotes from ‘Motel California’

Lydia: “A lot can happen in one night.”
Miss Blake: “Not exactly how I imagined our first date.”
Allison: “After everything we’ve been through, I believe you.”
Stiles: “Most places leave a mint under the pillow. This one leaves a record of all the horrible things that happened here.”
Miss Blake: “You’re like one giant open wound.”
Scott: “Maybe I should be no one again.”
Stiles: “Scott, just listen to me. You’re not no one. You’re someone. You’re my best friend. I need you. Scott, you’re my brother.”

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 7 “Currents” will air next week, Monday, July 15 at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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Nickelodeon debuts action-packed ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ trailer at SDCC

The brand new trailer features tons of nods to the original 90s game show!

4:33 pm EDT, July 23, 2016

Get ready for a serious dose of nostalgia, 90s kids! Nickelodeon just premiered the trailer for the upcoming Legends of the Hidden Temple movie at San Diego Comic-Con and you’re definitely going to want to check it out!

The upcoming made-for-TV movie centers around three siblings who find themselves immersed in the temple after breaking away from a jungle tour. Once inside, they discover all the legends they’ve grown up hearing about the mysterious temple are actually real.

Being trapped in the temple itself may sound cool at the beginning, but the siblings will soon learn that getting out may be tougher than they originally anticipated. They’ll have to follow the map and survive the Temple’s many hidden rooms if they want to make it out unscathed.

Check out the first trailer for Legends of the Hidden Temple below!

Fans of the original game show are sure to recognize quite a few of the most iconic aspects taken from the beloved 90s series. Olmec aside, the first action-packed trailer includes mentions of the steps of knowledge, the shrine of the silver monkey, and more— They’ve even managed to slip in mentions of some of the old teams contestant were able to play on when competing on the original game show!

The upcoming Legends of the Hidden Temple movie reunites Kirk Fogg (original TV how host) and Dee Bradley Baker (original voice of Olmec), and additionally stars Isabela Moner, Colin Critchley, and Jet Jurgensmeyer.

Legends of the Hidden Temple premieres on Nickelodeon in the fall of 2016

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Hot off the heels of the Wonder Woman trailer DC has released our first look at the art for Justice League as well as the first trailer!

It’s a very exciting day to be a DC movies fan! After debuting the Wonder Woman trailer earlier today, DC surprised everyone with the first official Justice League trailer which has been simultaneously released publicly during its debut at San Diego Comic-Con. It should be noted that the video, posted on Director Zack Snyder’s Twitter account, includes a title card at the beginning denoting that this video was made specifically for fans at Comic-Con. “The following footage was prepared by the filmmakers as a special look for fans in attendance at Comic-Con 2016.”

Click full screen, turn up your volume, and get ready for this!

The “trailer” (if that’s what we’re calling it) doesn’t give away much about the plot of the movie, however. It features Bruce Wayne checking in and recruiting Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash – the three of which weren’t as heavily featured in this year’s Batman V Superman.

One of the more thrilling parts of the video is when Bruce Wayne shows up to meet The Flash and throws a Batarang at him. We get to see the slow motion perspective of The Flash while a Batarang whizzes by his face, with him ultimately realizing who has just appeared before him. Before Bruce even has a second to sell him on joining the Justice League, he’s interrupted. “Stop right there. I’m in,” says The Flash.

After the mixed reviews of Batman V Superman from earlier this year, it looks like Justice League might have taken some notes from the massive success of Deadpool’s light-hearted but serious comic book movie template. It already feels like this ensemble cast will lend itself to making up some ground in terms of likability. Ezra Miller’s The Flash is easily the “you-gotta-love-this-kid” character based on his one scene alone. Meanwhile, Aquaman will appeal to those burly, rugged Wolverine style fans. Both character types were missing from the sometimes confusing Batman V Superman.

Check out the full photo of the Justice League featuring our first detailed looks of The Flash, Cyborg, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman together in one place.


We still have a while before we get to hit theaters for Justice League. The superhero sure-to-be blockbuster is set to hit theaters November 17, 2017.

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WB debuted a new trailer for Wonder Woman on Saturday morning at San Diego Comic-Con.

Gal Gadot and the cast of Wonder Woman introduced the new trailer, which offers a massive new look at the first female-led super hero movie (during this new wave of super hero madness, anyway). Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor and Gadot’s Diana Prince seem to have some great chemistry. And unsurprisingly, Wonder Woman gets up to a lot of ass-kicking in the three minute preview. Perhaps one of the coolest moments is when she fends off a lot of fire power, and one of the funniest moments comes at the end, when Diana equates Steve’s secretary to a slave. Watch below:

The movie is directed by Patty Jenkins, who has clearly done an amazing job bringing Wonder Woman to life with Gadot.

A new poster for Wonder Woman was also released, finally revealing her (colorful!) costume:


Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2, 2017. The film’s synopsis reads:

Wonder Woman hits movie theaters around the world next summer when Gal Gadot returns as the title character in the epic action adventure from director Patty Jenkins. Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers…and her true destiny.