‘Teen Wolf’ season 2 is now on Netflix!

5:30 pm EDT, November 12, 2012

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Revel in glory, Wolf Pack. You can now watch season 2 of Teen Wolf on Netflix!

All 24 episodes are now available for live streaming on Netflix. Season 2, most fans would agree, was even more intense and exciting than the first season. If you haven’t watched it yet, the second season will bring you a new alpha, a mysterious monster, and an even crazier bad guy than Peter.

If you have already seen the second season, this is a good time for a rewatch. Remember that Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast is going through both the first and the second seasons and rehashing them bi-weekly in anticipation of the third season.

You can check out the first three episodes of the podcast to catch up, and then watch along with us. Next we’ll be discussing episodes 1×05 and 1×06, along with a special guest host!

Filming for the third season won’t begin until early December and the show won’t air until next year, so you’ve got plenty of time to watch both seasons in order to be ready for season 3.

Need more ‘Teen Wolf’?

In Hypable’s BattleShips tournament, we’ve been pairing up our favorite ships and having them battle it out against each other. Only one pairing will win the coveted title. We’re narrowing down the field right now, and Teen Wolf‘s Stiles/Derek is up against New Girl‘s Nick/Jess. Come on Sterek fans, we can do this!

Did you catch Tyler Posey (Scott) on MTV’s new show This Is How I Made It? Check out a clip here where he talks about going up against Taylor Lautner for the coveted role of Jacob Black in Twilight.

Jeff Davis needs our help and the fandom is all a-flutter in response. He wants Stiles’ hair to be a little bit longer on season 3, but Dylan O’Brien wants it to be for a good reason. Check out the details, then vote in our poll and give us reasons for your choice in the comments section.

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