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Murder meets magic: Sorting your ‘HTGAWM’ faves into Hogwarts houses

Horace Slughorn once said, “Killing rips the soul apart. It’s a violation against nature.” However, in How to Get Away With Murder, killing is part of the job description.

Where does ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 go from here?

So you’ve watched the Teen Wolf season 6 winter finale and have found yourself wondering what’s next. Well, we have a few ideas.

Ranking the ‘Supernatural’ mid-season premieres from worst to best – how does ‘First Blood’ compare?

Supernatural delivered one of its strongest episodes to date when it returned last week with “First Blood.” Was it their best mid-season premiere ever?

Give us ‘Sweet/Vicious’ season 2 — or else

Dear MTV, order another season of Sweet Vicious or the people are going to revolt!

Exclusive: Jeff Davis breaks down the ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 winter finale

The Teen Wolf season 6 winter finale aired on Tuesday, and a lot of fans are wondering what’s next. Creator Jeff Davis has plenty of details to share.

‘The Magicians’ season 2 star Hale Appleman discusses Eliot’s journey, what’s ahead

The Magicians’ Hale Appleman spoke with Hypable about where Eliot’s relationships are headed after the season 2 premiere.

‘Riverdale’ isn’t as progressive as it thinks it is

When The CW announced that it was bringing an adaptation of Archie comics to the small screen, I’ll admit that I was intrigued.

5 popular YA books you didn’t know have sequels in 2017

The struggle is real. There are few first-world problems more vexing than waiting for the next book in a series to hit the shelves.

There’s no time like the present for ‘Veronica Mars’ to pick up where it left off

When it was on the air (and even when it hit the silver screen in March 2014), Veronica Mars never shied away from tackling current issues. Given the current social climate, now more than ever, it’s important for Veronica Mars to pick up where it left off.