Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is already ramping up its promotional campaign, and today we have a look at a character poster that features portraits of Percy and Annabeth.

You can check out the poster below:

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Character Poster

The poster shows Annabeth Chase (Alexandra Daddario) on the left with a temple behind her and the words, “Power of Wisdom” above her. This is, of course, in reference to her parentage, as Athena, goddess of wisdom, is her mother.

On the right is Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman), with the ocean behind him and the words, “Power of Water” above him, which is only appropriate given that he is the son of Poseidon.

The posters don’t offer much in the way of new looks, unless you count Annabeth’s hair color. It looks quite dark in this poster still, but set photos show that it is indeed blonde, so fans shouldn’t worry!

This poster comes on the heels of the first compendium picture we received a few days ago, which shows Percy and his sword, Riptide, and features some information about the main character. It also displays a prophecy that will be important to the movie and the series as a whole, though some fans are upset that the prophecy has been changed from what was recounted in the book.

However, fans have been reassured that this film will indeed be more faithful to the book by Rick Riordan. We’ve already seen hints of this in terms of Annabeth’s hair color, which was not blonde in Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. The trailer has also given fans hope for the second film, as the storyline appears to be more loyal and the CGI is quite good.

Fans still seem hesitant, but if Sea of Monsters can gain their trust back, we’re sure to see another movie on the horizon.

Sea of Monsters opens in theatres on August 7.

What do you think of these two portraits from the ‘Sea of Monsters’ film?

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