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MTV is looking to shake up Scream season 3 by wiping the board clean and starting over anew.

Scream season 1 made a splash when it first aired, though season 2 took a little bit of a nosedive in comparison when it came to ratings. Still, I loved both seasons and was excited to see what the series would do next.

News about season 3 was up in the air still when we got an ill-fated Halloween special, and even though season 3 was eventually confirmed, it seemed as though MTV wasn’t quite sure what to do with their tanking numbers.

Deadline is now sharing that they may be looking to reboot the series in order to bring those numbers back up to par.

According to the report, MTV is still looking for a new showrunner for the series now that Michael Gans and Richard Register are out. It’s not surprising that a new team is coming on for season 3, as Gans and Register previously took over for Jill Blotevogal and Jaime Paglia.

However, the idea that we won’t be seeing Emma and her friends in season 3 certainly is a shock. Apparently, the cast “had been quietly given permission to take other jobs.” Willa Fitzgerald took this to heart and has been cast in Behind Enemy Lines on Fox. Bex Taylor-Klaus still has a role on Voltron, though she’s so far been able to voice Pidge on the series and star in Scream.

I figured Scream was on the way out when we learned season 3 would only contain six episodes, but the idea that we may be seeing a whole new story could inject it with new life and bring us further seasons.

I can’t say I’m too happy with the idea, however, as I’d rather finish out Emma’s story and leave on a high note then watch a rinse-and-repeat series that’s only tangential to the original tale.

That said, new characters and new stakes could make for an interesting run. I just hope we get the closure we need for Emma’s story.

Are you excited for ‘Scream‘ season 3?

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