Although friend might not be the right word. Either way, Scream is getting in on the Halloween action with a special two-hour episode.

When Scream season 2 ended, there were still plenty of unanswered questions, but fans were hopeful they’d get some answers from the Halloween special just in case we weren’t lucky enough to get a season 3.

It sounds like the creators were listening, too, because while the special is set to introduce a new mythology, it’s also going to bring us back to the beginning. Brandon James is returning to Lakewood.

Check out the Scream Halloween Special trailer below:

MTV has also released three images in association with the special. The first one is from the sneak peek we got earlier in the year.

scream halloween special kieran

scream halloween special killer large

scream halloween special brooke audrey noah stavo

The synopsis for the episode reads:

Just in time for Halloween, MTV unleashes a horrifying new two-hour special that picks up eight months after Kieran’s (Amadeus Serafini) arrest. Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) is struggling to focus on her future and who she really is after everything that has happened. Meanwhile, Noah (John Karna) and Stavo (Santiago Segura) have combined forces to create a best-selling graphic novel based on the Kieran Wilcox murders and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) has found herself in a new relationship. Since the first anniversary of Piper’s killing spree is upon us, Emma and her friends are determined to be as far from Lakewood as possible and Stavo has the perfect solution. He and Noah are researching for their next graphic novel, a Lizzy Borden-esque legend on Shallow Grove Island, and suggest the rest of the group come along for the weekend. Just when they thought they were safe, the Lakewood survivors find themselves in another bloody standoff, leaving them to wonder — is an old legend coming back to life or has murder followed them from Lakewood? Could there be more Scream to come?…

The last sentence in the synopsis certainly leads you to believe a season 3 is possible, though no official announcement has yet been made. Perhaps we’ll have to wait to see how well the Halloween Special does before a renewal or cancellation is released.

The ‘Scream’ Halloween Special will air Tuesday, October 18 from 9-11 p.m. ET

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