When celebrities aren’t in the public eye, they like to let loose. That was the case for Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry when they performed a duet in 2008 at a karaoke bar.

The two were at the now-closed Il Sole restaurant in West Hollywood celebrating Shannon Woodward’s birthday. This video was recorded shortly after Pattinson’s Twilight hit the box office and took the entertainment world by storm. It appears to have been shot by the in-house karaoke bar filming crew. The video surfaced on the bar’s Facebook page last year but is making the rounds again on YouTube today.

Pattinson and Perry sing “I’ll Make Love To You” by Boyz II Men. Pattinson seemed to be pretty thrilled that Twilight was a success and celebrated with a bit too much alcohol. Perry appears a little more put together.

There are a couple laugh-out-loud moments in the video like when Pattinson accepts a drink from the waitress mid song and stops singing to thank her.

Perry’s PRISM hit store shelves earlier this week and features her chart-topping single “Roar.” Pattinson wrapped up the Twilight franchise last year with the release of Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Source: Blogspot.

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