Book Reviews

‘Riveted’ book review: Jay Crownover brings it home for Dixie and Church

Church and Dixie have been orbiting each other long before there were any Saints of Denver. Riveted finally brings them together and there’s no shortage of fireworks or turmoil along the way.

‘The Burning World’ book review: The ‘Warm Bodies’ sequel you didn’t know you needed

If you loved Warm Bodies (the book and/or Nicholas Hoult movie), you won’t be able to stop yourself from devouring Isaac Marion’s sequel, The Burning World.

‘Silver Stars’ book review: A harrowing story of duty and sacrifice

Silver Stars, the second novel in Michael Grant’s Soldier Girl series, is an empowering yet heartbreaking novel that will stick with you long after you’ve finished reading it.

‘Accidentally on Purpose’ book review: Jill Shalvis nails it with funny, relatable characters

The latest book in Jill Shalvis’ Heartbreaker Bay series turned a ‘I’ve never read anything by her’ reader into a ‘where do I find the rest’ reader in just a couple hundred pages.

‘Carve the Mark’ book review: An engaging sci-fi tale in a(nother) galaxy far, far away

Veronica Roth has done it again. Fans of the Divergent series will want to get their hands on Carve the Mark, the first novel in Roth’s new series.

‘History Is All You Left Me’ book review: A poignant story of love and loss

Adam Silvera’s sophomore novel, History Is All You Left Me, is the story of a boy who’s heart was broken by the death of his ex-boyfriend, and he finds comfort in the most unexpected person.

‘Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Artist Tribute’ book review: A stunning return to the maze

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Artist Tribute is a beautiful salute to an iconic film, its creator, and its stars.

Book review: ‘Born a Crime’ by Trevor Noah is equal parts hilarious and insightful

Daily Show host Trevor Noah takes his experiences growing up in South Africa and puts them together in Born a Crime for our entertainment and enlightenment.

‘Fire in You’ by Jennifer L. Armentrout review: The perfect goodbye to the Wait For You saga

New Jen Armentrout books bring a joy all their own, but when they also bring about the close of one of my favorite series of hers? It’s the slightest bit bittersweet as well.