New TV shows premiere at SDCC: Hypable reviews ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Powerless,’ and ‘Time After Time’

San Diego Comic-Con has begun, and a pair of our writers got a chance to check out three of next season’s hottest new shows.

‘Cream of the Crop’ book review: Alice Clayton’s newest heroine churns the status quo

Take a second trip down the Hudson River Line and return to Bailey Falls, this time to see what the local dairy farmer and his cows have to offer a girl who is New York City through and through in Alice Clayton’s “Cream of the Crop.”

‘Ghostbusters’ movie review: You just got Holtzman-ed!

When you want something fun, dun dun, on your movie screen, dun dun, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ review: 2 hours of raunchy, adult fun

We all could use a laugh or two right now, and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates delivers exactly that. It’s not the best film you’ll see all year, but it’s far from the worst.

‘Captain America: Sam Wilson’ #11 review: Profiling the future?

Issue #11 of Captain America: Sam Wilson sees Cap choose a side in the Civil War-sized battle of wills between Iron Man and Captain Marvel.

‘Black River Falls’ book review: When your memories are gone, how much of you is left?

Black River Falls by Jeff Hirsch explores the titular town in which a virus outbreak has wiped the memories of nearly all its citizens.

‘The Fangirl Life’ book review: A fandom addict’s guide to real life

Kathleen Smith, licensed therapist, wants to guide you from anxious fangirl to ‘BAMF fanwoman.’ Does The Fangirl Life: A Guide to All the Feels and Learning How to Deal deliver?

‘The BFG’ movie review: A simple story for a complex world

A simpler story from a simpler time, The BFG more than makes up in magic what it lacks in complexity.

‘Captain America: Steve Rogers’ #2 review: The greatest gift

In the second issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers, the whys and wherefores of Steve apparently being a big fat lifelong Hydra spy are revealed.