‘Fire in You’ by Jennifer L. Armentrout review: The perfect goodbye to the Wait For You saga

New Jen Armentrout books bring a joy all their own, but when they also bring about the close of one of my favorite series of hers? It’s the slightest bit bittersweet as well.

‘Moana’ review: Disney’s latest musical fills our sails and becomes a classic

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Welcome back to the Wizarding World, Muggles. J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts is a worthy follow-up to the eight-part Harry Potter series, and an entry that is sure to reinvigorate the fandom theorizing days of yesteryear.

‘Atlantis Lost’ by T.A. Barron chronicles the demise of the mythological island

Atlantis Lost is the final book in the Merlin Saga author’s latest series, which showed us the rise and fall of a place that now only exists in story.

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