‘Southside With You’ movie review: Before they were POTUS and FLOTUS

The Obamas are more than just our President and First Lady, and seeing a bit of their story unfold on screen was just one reason Southside With You is worth a trip to the cinema.

‘Captain America: Steve Rogers’ #4 review: Self-appointed heroes

In Captain America: Steve Rogers #4, we learn Steve’s true aim when it comes to restoring the glory of Hydra, and it’s not what you’ll expect. Also, he and Bucky keep missing each other’s phone calls.

‘Show Me How’ book review: A fabulous and fitting end to the Thatch series

The last book in the Thatch series does not disappoint as Charlie and Deacon fight overwhelming odds and each other on their road to happily ever after in Show Me How.

‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ movie review: Stunningly crafted, but far too short

Maybe summer 2016 will go down as the season of well made kids films. Finding Dory, The BFG, and Pete’s Dragon were all solid family films, and now we can add one more success to that list: Kubo and the Two Strings.

‘Captain America: Sam Wilson’ #12 review: Real American values

In Captain America: Sam Wilson #12, Sam finds himself in the middle of an police riot, and another shield-wielding patriot is asked to knock the former Falcon off his perch.

‘Hotel Valhalla’ by Rick Riordan is a hilariously informative guide to the Norse worlds

If you can’t remember which Norse world we live on or how the heck you’re supposed to pronounce einherji, then Hotel Valhalla is the book for you!

‘Pete’s Dragon’ movie review: Deep in the forest, there dragons will be

For those that grew up with the charming memories of Pete and his dragon friend, Elliot, it may have been hard to accept the idea of this remake. Rest assured, this movie is chock full of all the same magic.

‘Suicide Squad’ movie review: Why did they tame the ‘Suicide Squad’?

It’s no surprise critics and audiences don’t see eye to eye on Suicide Squad.

‘Star Trek Beyond’ movie review: A bold return to a beloved Trek

For any Trek fans that may have been wary about the third installment in the Kelvin timeline, following the first action-packed trailer, stow those worries. Star Trek Beyond is the closest movie in spirit and tone to The Original Series.