‘Twisted Palace’ book review: Erin Watt delivers in The Royals final chapter

Paper Princess left us more than a little pissed with Reed Royal, and Broken Prince left us wondering if we knew him at all. Twisted Palace finally gives us all the answers we crave.

‘Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth’ book review: Inside the creation of a modern fairy tale

It’s been a decade since the theatrical release of Pan’s Labyrinth, and to celebrate this 10th anniversary comes a gorgeous and insightful look into the making of this classic.

‘The Hammer of Thor’ book review: To Ragnarok or not to Ragnarok, that is the question

The Hammer of Thor is the second book in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series by Rick Riordan, and it continues the trend of introducing interesting and diverse characters.

‘Haters Back Off’ review: Miranda Sings becomes a star

Though Haters Back Off has classic Miranda Sings moments, the character may be most at home on YouTube rather than Netflix.

‘Chamber of Secrets’ Illustrated Edition review: An indisputable must-have for Harry Potter fans

I can’t think of a single product since the original seven books that has been more of a must-have for fans than the Illustrated Editions.

‘Deepwater Horizon’ movie review: Connecting to the disaster we saw unfold

We all watched the news footage of the Deepwater Horizon burning and we saw the oil gushing out of the well it left behind for weeks, but we didn’t know what it felt like to be there that day.

Marvel’s ‘Thunderbolts’ #5 review: Back on the hunt

The Winter Soldier faces off against Spider-Man in Thunderbolts #5, and frankly, it’s all very, very upsetting.

Marvel’s ‘Civil War II’ #5 review: The age of heroes

In issue #5 of Marvel’s Civil War II, the long-awaited battle between Team Iron Man and Team Captain Marvel comes to a halt when all parties experience a chilling vision about Captain America.

‘The Goal’ book review: Elle Kennedy makes magic with Tucker and Sabrina

The Goal by Elle Kennedy may have done the impossible. It may have pushed a new book boyfriend higher on the list than Garrett Graham. I’ve still not recovered.