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You’ve had ample opportunity to devour Cursed Child since its release on July 31 — but just how memorable was the script? Hypable is about to put you to the test.

If there’s one thing we all have in common as fans of Harry Potter, it’s dedication. Whether we’re dressing up to attend midnight book launches, heading to Potter-specific conventions, or hosting our own mini Potter parties, its the one fandom that will always welcome us home — no matter how long we’ve been away.

But with the Eighth Story finally out there in the world, and fresh in our minds, it got us thinking: Just how well do we all remember the novels? And was there any way we’d get classic Potter mixed up with Cursed Child? “Surely not,” we hear you cry. Many people argue Cursed Child reads like a fan-fiction.

We might not have Hermione’s near-impeccable memory, and it may have been a little while since our last thorough re-read, but it’s Harry Potter. We know it as intimately and deeply as we know ourselves. Don’t we?

So, if you think you know your “Alas! Earwax!”‘s from your “Consider me Engorgimpressed”‘s, then put yourself to the test with our latest Harry Potter quiz and tell us: Where was it said?

How well did you do on this quiz?

Will you be celebrating your success in the comments, or running for your bookshelves (virtual or physical) to return to Hogwarts as quickly as humanly possible?

Want to put your Potter knowledge to the test some more?

Check out some of our other Harry Potter quizzes on Hypable — though be warned, some of them may give you a run for your money.

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