The long-awaited Prometheus movie is just weeks away now, and more details are slowly beginning to emerge. Along with the U.K. Classification for the film, we have now discovered how long the film will be!

The sci-fi blockbuster from Ridley Scott is set within the Alien universe, with the Oscar-nominated director returning to the genre for the first time in 30 years. Last week we discovered that the movie had been given an R rating, calming initial fears that the project would be watered down in order to achieve a box-office friendly PG-13.

The BBFC have announced that Prometheus will be released under a 15 rating in the U.K. for “strong violence, gore, threat and horror,” and their official classification also lists the running time as 123 minutes and 36 seconds making it the third longest film in the Alien franchise – even longer than Scott’s original entry.

Are you encouraged by the length of Prometheus?