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In a moment of Internet DFTBA epic-ness, John Green appeared in a Google+ Hangout with President Obama today to interview him, and watched the President actually utter the phrase, “Don’t forget to be awesome.”

Here’s what happened: Green announced that he and his wife are expecting their second child. He asked Obama to pick one of two names, if it’s a girl. It was at that point that the President told Green’s forthcoming son or daughter to not forget to be awesome.

The phrase, as fans of Green’s know, is the Vlog Brothers’ classic line from his and Hank’s YouTube channel. “DFTBA” trended worldwide on Twitter shortly afterward.

We just may make it our ringtone. Or play it repeatedly until it actually sinks in that the President himself said the phrase.

UPDATE: Here’s the minute-long clip…

Green was invited to participated in a “Fireside Hangout” with President Obama and other interviewers today. Viewers were allowed to submit questions in advance, and had the chance to be posed to the President. Like his fans, he was excited about what happened during the Hangout:

Naturally, the internet got right on celebrating the occassion…

President Obama DFTBA Poster HD

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