‘Powerless’: 3 ideas for future episodes

8:30 am EDT, February 6, 2017

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Every time there is potential for a new show to be your go-to favorite, ideas abound for where the show can take us. Here are a three of them for Powerless!

These ideas are very doable but not all sitcoms have the platform to do them. Powerless has an opportunity of being a show that doesn’t go down only one route as an at-work-comedy.

Here are three ideas Powerless should bring us.

Bottle episode

Bottle episodes usually only consist of one location with only featured cast and as few non-regular cast members as possible. This is a TV trope that has been used for decades, but some great episodes have come out of it. While traditionally bottle episodes are a great money saver, they also have the potential of being great episodes because the writing has to good. When characters are stuck in one room, they have no choice but to have good dialogue to move the story. Powerless has a great opportunity because they have a talented core cast that can easily pull this off. This also would be a good way to balance the show by having an episode not focused on any super powers.

Musical episode

Perhaps this is a bit overdone, but Vanessa Hudgens’s first claim to fame was with High School Musical, so there is at least one capable singer already. The Flash and Supergirl have an upcoming musical crossover, so this also wouldn’t be out of the box for the DC world. Powerless has the setting for a musical because it is silly and a visiting super villain can easily come and cause a musical epidemic. If there is ever an excuse for a well executed musical episode, Powerless has the perfect platform.

Comic book cartoon episode

The opening credits already have the head start in this one. Powerless is the perfect setting to do an animated episode. Community was known for going out of the box in this regard, having not only an animated episode but also a Claymation and puppet episode. Powerless certainly can pull off an animated superhero show without it feeling like it has already been done. This show should take advantage of being a superhero sitcom by doing episodes other drama superhero shows would have a harder time accomplishing.

These ideas are not extremely unique; all three have been done in some capacity. However, not all sitcoms dip their toes outside their comfort zone. Powerless looks to be a show that will, and should, push those boundaries.

What ideas do you have?

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