Right on schedule, a flood of exciting Pokémon X and Y news has leaked out of Japan.

The magazine CoroCoro is known for having exclusive releases of the Pokémon series. Today’s (expected) leak yielded some awesome information on what generation VI of Pokémon will contain. Thanks to Serebii for the translations and scans.

Gym leaders

The two new gym leaders revealed are Shitoron and Zakuro (note: all names are translated from Japanese, and are not the official English names).

Shitoron is the fellow with Doc Ock-esque robot arms (Electric type leader, perhaps), while Zakuro is the man lying on his side with what appear to be gems in his hair and is “said to be good at sports.” Do his climbing tools and rocky hairstlye suggest that he’s a Rock or Ground-type leader?

Shitoron Pokemon X and Y


Zakuro Pokemon X and Y


Legendary Pokemon types

The legendary Pokémon Xerneas will be a pure fairy type. Fairy is a type of Pokémon that was recently announced for Gen. VI. Xerneas will have a special move called Geo Control, and the ability Fairy Aura, which powers up Fairy-type moves.

The other legendary Pokémon announced so far for Gen. VI, Yveltal, will be Dark/Flying. Yvetal will have the ability Dark Aura, which powers up Dark-type moves, and can learn the special move Death Wing.

Evil team

The evil team of Gen. VI of Pokémon will be Team Flare (translation to English pending). Their one and only purpose is apparently to make money. Take a look at what this fiery gang will look like below.

Team Flare Pokemon X and Y

Team Flare

Pokemon Professor

The professor who will give you your starter Pokémon and Pokédex is named Professor Purataanu. He will battle you once in a while, and has the starting of a five o’clock shadow.

Professor Purataanu

Professor Purataanu

New Gen. VI Pokemon

New creatures from Pokémon X and Y were also announced in today’s gargantuan spill.

An evolution to the previously announced Fighting-type panda bear, Pancham, was revealed to be the beastly Goronda.

Goronda Pokemon X and Y


The two new squids are Maika and Karamanero. Both of these Pokémon are Dark/Psychic-types. Maika can learn the new Dark type move called Turn Over, which reverses stat changes made in battle.

Maika Pokemon X and Y


Karamanero Pokemon X and Y


Shushup the bird Pokémon and Peroppafu the cotton candy Pokémon are both new Fairy types. Shushup is exclusive to Pokémon Y, while Peroppafu is exclusive to Pokémon X.

Shushup Pokemon X and Y


Peroppafu Pokemon X and Y


Listen to Hypable’s Pokémon podcast discuss all of this exciting Gen. VI news!

Which one of these new Pokemon is your favorite?

Marvel fans aren’t pleased with the twist in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1.

By now you know that Steve Rogers is revealed to be a Hydra agent in the first issue of the new Captain America: Steve Rogers series (Read our in-depth analysis of the new issue here). Naturally this news — that ultimate do-gooder Cap would be so evil — has not sat well with fans.

The general consensus is that this shit is unacceptable…


… And the only thing to do is ignore it:



Others think Marvel need a taste of their own medicine:


And/or need to fire their lame-o writers:


Then there are beautiful Photoshops like this one of Chris Evans’ Captain America ripping up a tree the comic:


Some people are Photoshopping the comic to make him say things that are just as outrageous as him being a HYDRA agent:


While others are giving him a different revelation — one concerning Bucky. This is the twist that SHOULD be in the new Captain America series



Marvel, please write yourself out of this one as quickly as possible.


… Before you start coming up with other outrageous revelations


Emilia Clarke proves there is more to Dothraki than death threats in a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Clarke, who plays the indomitable Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s Game of Thrones, sets Meyers straight on the fact that Dothraki is, in fact, a real language created for the show. Linguist David J. Peterson crafted Dothraki, and all of the other fictional languages used on Game of Thrones — but even after six seasons, his words present Clarke with a continual challenge.

“You get it in English, at the top in the first script, it’s like, ‘This will be in Dothraki,'” Clarke recounts of her learning process. Following English is the Dothraki speech, followed by a literal translation, and then finally the dialogue in spoken English.

“And then I get an MP3, and then my kitchen hears it for weeks and weeks and weeks on end, until I sound convincing,” Clarke says.

But given the opacity (and complete invention) of the Dothraki language, Emilia Clarke admits that there have been times when she replaced her lines with something a little more… interesting.

“With the latest marvelous actors we’ve had doing Dothraki with us, it was a long day,” Clarke admits, giggling. Not realizing that the camera was on her, Clarke allowed a moment of silliness to take over.

“I thought it would be funny if I did ‘MMMBop’ in Dothraki,” she says. “And that didn’t help him at all! And then I think some of that was definitely my take.”

Ever game, Clarke dives in to her rendition of the Hanson hit, translated into the language of the brutal horse lords.

“I can’t stress how much less catchy that is!” Meyers laughs.

Game of Thrones 6×06, “Blood of My Blood,” airs Sunday, May 29 at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

Following news that Warner Bros. is planning an all female superhero movie featuring Harley Quinn, a new report states the studio is also looking at spinoffs for her fellow Suicide Squad teammates!

Fans of superhero movies are heavily anticipating the release of Suicide Squad this August, so it came as no surprise that Warner Bros. is already planning on a film featuring one of the Suicide Squad stars Harley Quinn as played by Margot Robbie.

A new report by We Got This Covered says that Warner Bros. is also looking at spinoffs for two other characters on the Suicide Squad team. The report teases, “They’re going to do a sequel for sure, and the recently announced spinoff with Margot Robbie has got everyone excited, too, but their plans don’t end there.”

So who will the other spinoffs reportedly feature? One is basically a no brainer: Jared Leto’s version of the Joker already has fans talking, though whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen. The actor definitely has big shoes to fill given how passionate fans are for the character and how loved Heath Ledger’s version of him was. It’s clear that Leto is going in a totally different direction, though, which could be great for Warner Bros. if fans end up falling in love with Leto’s version, too.

The report also states a second character they’re looking into: “They’re also really hot on Jai Courtney’s character Boomerang right now.” Boomerang definitely doesn’t have the built-in fan base like Harley Quinn and the Joker, so it’s an interesting move by Warner Bros. It will probably depend on the character’s reception in the film, but it could really pay off if it’s done right.

Would you like to see ‘Suicide Squad’ spinoffs featuring Joker and Boomerang?