Book Hype

Book Hype is’s official podcast for all things literature-related. Give your readers’ eyes a rest and tune in for news, reviews, recommendations and (of course) banter as your hosts bring you the best of the book world.

Episode #136: Not So Quotable Quotes

Book Hype hosts Karen, Kristen, and Brittany are back with a new episode that is a mashup of Shakespeare, famous quotes and book news!

Episode #134: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Book Hype hosts Karen, Kristen, and Brittany are back and ready to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of the book world! (And some more adaptation/book news, too!)

Episode #133: Our Own Voices

Book Hype hosts Karen and Brittany are joined by Ariana for a discussion of Our Own Voices and the need for more of them in literature!

Episode #131: Waxing Poetic

Book Hype hosts Karen, Brittany and Kristen dig into the wonderful world of poetry in honor of National Poetry Day!

Episode #129: Whoops Is It 2017 Already?

Book Hype hosts Jennifer, Karen, Brittany and Kristen make their triumphant return to the world of books to catch you up on reading lists and 2017 news!