Posted on 1:55 pm,
January 6, 2013

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This week’s Vampire Hype podcast is a special edition Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode! Selina’s wildest dreams finally come true as she’s joined by fellow Buffy fans Caitlin, Jimmy, Marama and Natalie to talk about the show, and they somehow manage to cover everything from best and worst storylines to favourite episodes, relationships, characters, villains, and the possibility of a reboot movie!

Please note: spoiler alert of epic proportions. This episode of Vampire Hype is strictly for Buffy fans, by Buffy fans, and we don’t hold back!

- When we started watching the show – none of us remember, it’s too long ago!
– The timelessness of Buffy
– Best show of all time?
– We particularly love the fashion…
– Our favourite characters
– Is Buffy every fan’s automatic favourite?
– “Oz.” “Awwwww.”
– Oh! A wild Jimmy Bean appeared!
– We share our favourite episodes
– We are all Fools For Love
– “Normal Again” generates some interesting discussion
– Surprisingly, we don’t all love “Once More, With Feeling”
– Selina wins the sing-along!
– Natalie shares her Comic-Con experience
– We talk shipping! Bangel vs Spuffy
– Is there even a conflict, as the couples were so different and happened at different times in the show?
– Wait, Spike/Angel? A freudian slip, or canon?
– Spike and his ability to love without a soul
– Caitlin sticks up for Buffy/Angel
– Marama doesn’t actually like shipping (rejoice, fellow non-shippers!)
– Willow/Tara, Willow/Kennedy… or Willow/Xander?
– The possibility of Faith/Buffy
– Xander’s love interest in the comics and why it’s not totally awful
– There were also a few things we didn’t like about Buffy, believe it or not!
– Season 6: Buffy‘s Order of the Phoenix?
– Best and worst villains
– A Buffy reboot movie: yay or nay?
– Listener feedback: why YOU love Buffy!
– And stay for the blooper, because Jimmy’s in the dark.

We hope that all Buffy fans appreciate this episode, which is pretty much our love letter to the series. Hopefully this won’t be the last Buffy-themed episode we do, but we’d love your feedback on what specific parts of the show you’d like us to talk about next! Clearly we could have kept going for hours on some of the topics brought up, but as this was our initial Buffy show we wanted to stay quite general.

Share your thoughts on this podcast episode and on Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the comments! And follow Vampire Hype on Twitter @VampireHype.

This episode's hosts: Selina Wilken, Marama Whyte, Natalie Fisher, Caitlin Kelly, Jimmy Bean

  • Sarah

    Haven’t even listened to this yet, but I just died.

  • Sarah

    I had way too many comments to this show to respond to in a post (don’t need to completely out-geek myself here), so I’ll just do my top ones.

    1. “The Zeppo” would definitely make a top 5 list of my favorite episodes of Buffy. This episode really called into question what it means to be a hero, which is what Buffy really is all about. I’ve always loved Xander (he’s probably my favorite, although choosing a favorite Buffy character is ridiculously hard), but the brilliance of this episode was that Xander did absolutely nothing magical or mystical or superhuman. He was just Xander, and he saved the world (or at least the Scooby Gang) by just being Xander. And what’s more, he didn’t feel the need to take credit for it. I think this episode is perhaps why I grew to love Xander so much. He isn’t “special,” but he really is the heart of the show.

    2. Everyone always hates on Dawn (although in my opinion she is nowhere near as annoying as Kennedy, the one character who I truly loathe and believe served no real purpose except to be a huge brat). However, I’ve always really liked Dawn, and I’ve really sympathized with her. It would be hard growing up with someone as powerful as Buffy as a sister, and yet to be so normal yourself. Plus, I was always indignant that they wouldn’t let Dawn help, because she was basically the same age the Scooby Gang was when they started fighting evil. I loved that, once Dawn was allowed to participate (7th season?), they found she actually was useful as a baby Giles/Willow researcher type. I mean, she should be, because she grew up around it (er, well, sort of). Also, in “Potential,” when she immediately gave up control to Amanda when she realized she was the real potential slayer, it reminded me very much of “The Zeppo.” As Xander explains at the end of the episode, there is power in being normal, too, that none of the others would ever understand. That’s why I love that Dawn and Xander are together in the comics. They seem right for each other.

    3. I could never decide if I loved Oz or Tara more for Willow. They were both such brilliant characters, and their relationships with Willow were heartbreakingly beautiful (to me more so than any other relationships on the show). However, I think that Tara and Willow’s relationship was one of the most healthy and loving relationships ever portrayed on television, and I’m still bitter that Amber Benson wasn’t available to film an episode where Buffy wishes Tara back from the dead for Willow (not sure if you all have heard of that, but that was supposed to be a thing).

    4. The Buffy reboot? F*** NO. JUST, NO. No explanation I could give would convey my vehemence here. Leave brilliance alone.

    • Selina

      ITA with what you said about Dawn, that kind of was what I was trying to say too. I never saw the problem with her character, only that (as I think I said on the podcast) I would have liked to see more development for her. Not even supernaturally, just in general. But I did love her becoming that researcher type person, and yes, I think her romance with Xander ended up making total sense in the comics. The people who are against them getting together usually haven’t actually read the comics, they only see them as they were on the show.

    • Marama Whyte

      I completely agree about Kennedy. What was even the point of her? But as for Dawn, I just can’t get behind it. I don’t even know precisely WHY I find Dawn so grating on my nerves, but she is (sorry!). Although granted, she does improve a lot (in my opinion) in season 7, and “Potential” is a great example of that.

      And sooo much yes to “The Zeppo”, that is an excellent choice.

  • Elise Hammond

    from the intro music I already know this is going to be amazing! back to listening…

  • Marama Whyte

    this was fun (:

  • Elise Hammond

    1. On “Once More with Feeling”: I urge you to accept my head!cannon where Xander was actually trying to do a spell to learn how to dance for the wedding and didn’t realize that he was conjuring Sweet. The OMWF cannon just didn’t make sense for me. But I do really love the episode.

    2. Shipping: In terms of Buffy partners, I always kind of regretted that she missed Riley in the helicopter (i know i know right!). I really just wanted Buffy to end up happy and I thought that the love she had for Riley was real, it just wasn’t the (frequently dangerous) passion that she had with Angel or Spike. I know Riley was kind of boring, but I guess older, wiser me does’t see that as so bad. THAT SAID, I definitely loved Buffy/Spike because: my goodness the chemistry! But yeah, I totally agree about liking the ship mainly because I was so invested in Spike’s redemption storyline. And I’m not really a shipper either, I just react to what actually happens.

    3. Dawn: I love Dawn and you can’t take that away from me! And even though I haven’t read the comics I knew the endgame there and I really like the idea of it. I just always loved when Xander talked to Dawn after she thought she was a potential but then wasn’t. I originally watched BtVS with my older sister so I really loved their sister relationship. But I also support more head!cannon with Dawn during season 7 by believing that the conversation she had with the First/Joyce during “Conversations with Dead People” affected her far more than we explicitly saw.

    4. If you have not seen it, the blog did an episode by episode viewing of BtVS. I first started following Mark when he read Harry Potter one chapter at a time. His first time viewing and blogging of Buffy took me right back to the first time I watched it in a way that regular rewatches just can’t do. It is totally worth the read.

    5. Favorite episodes: Hush (you can really see just how amazing the actors are and the monster of the week was so creepy!), The Body (the lack of background music is amazing. I can’t watch it without crying but it’s also so cathartic. It ranks up there with Two Cathedrals from the West Wing for me in terms off best-acted episodes. They also both deal with death in a raw and visceral way that most shows could never hope to accomplish), then I love every episode where the actors are playing different characters like the Buffy/Faith body switch, vamp!willow, Tabula Rasa, etc.

    6. I loved your podcast guys. It made me so happy to be back in the Buffy world. And your commentary on Buffy as a supernatural show being more real with it’s actual character development was spot on. I usually stay away from dramas on TV simply because they just keep escalating the drama to unbelievable levels to make up for the fact that normal life isn’t that exciting. But Buffy starts with the unbelievable premise and then you realize that you’re hooked on the subtle relationships. I love it for moments like Buffy receiving the Class Protector award at prom AND Tara sharing about her mom’s death in the hospital with Buffy AND the way everyone reacted to the Buffybot at the beginning of season six AND the yellow crayon AND just all of it.

    7. Jimmy sounds soooo much like Seth Rogan. The end.

  • Sarah

    I got into Buffy in my senior year of high school a few years ago. Spike quickly became my favorite fictional character of all time, going above Snape who had been my favorite since the fifth grade. There’s just so much depth to Spike’s character and James Marsters’ portrayal of him is just so phenomenal. When I met him I told him how deeply moved and influenced I was by it, he got really teary eyed which made me feel like I was able to properly explain to him just how much that character means to me.

    Season 6 is by far my favorite season. It focused more on the relationships between the characters and the struggles they were facing rather than the typical “bad guy of the week” style. They used the supernatural aspect of the show to parallel their internal struggles, something I think OUAT could learn from, despite the fact they actually have a Buffy writer amongst them.

    I really hate Dawn but I hate Kennedy so much worse. Both characters were annoying and selfish characters with no real importance or depth to them. However Kennedy’s very existence offends me because Willow went from going to destroy the world over the grief she felt from the loss of Tara to jumping into bed with another woman. It was absolutely infuriating to me to watch.

    The idea of a Buffy movie without Joss Whedon’s direct involvement is a TERRIBLE idea. Though a point was raised during this that if it was a stand alone movie, and much darker than the original film, it has the potential to be pretty decent. My main concern would be how they would treat the characters. No one does characters like Joss Whedon, which is another reason why he is irreplaceable.

  • Wynona de la Calzada

    I like Willow/Tara, Willow/Xander and Willow/Oz! Tara was the sweetest and awww I love when she sang”Under Your Spell” to Willow!And I really love Xander and Willow because awww they are adorable and Xander was the one who stopped Dark Willow ;) And Oz! Ahhhh he is so sweet and caring and awww I like him too!
    But I really, really hate Willow/Kennedy because it felt forced and Kennedy was annoying. Everytime she opened her mouth I wanted to punch her because she was just always getting on my nerves gaaaah

  • Melisa Miller

    Thank you so much for making this episode! I got into Buffy way after it aired and its been really frustrating for me to be so excited about something that is yesterday’s news for everyone else! I’m in film school and I hate that I feel silly saying in class that this show changed my life. Anyone who hasn’t seen it dismisses it far too easily and that really is tragic.
    I could go on forever but I’ve just got to say as much as you guys joked about Beer Bad, the whole Parker storyline in that episode is priceless. I loved the writing in his scene with Willow where she’s determined to stand up for Buffy and he gives his little talk about sleeping around and expectations, followed by Willow’s counter to his argument. And the only way that Buffy can finally see Parker for what he really is, is by mentally regressing. Only then does she stop feeling inadequate and gives him what he deserves. Priceless ;)

    Great show! You really hit the nail on the head with so many of your comments. Most enjoyable hour of my week. Please do more Buffy episodes!

    • Selina

      I know, Beer Bad is one of those easy to hate episodes, and the plot IS super silly but there were tiny little shining moments – like Willow and Parker’s interaction and cave!Buffy – that make it better. TBH I can think of worse episodes… Bad Eggs and Go Fish are terrible. And Teacher’s Pet. And Reptile Boy. :P

      We’re very much hoping to do more Buffy episodes – if nothing else I’ll get a group together for a Buffy/TVD comparison show or something. But there was obviously so much more we could have talked about just with this show, or gone into more depth with :) So stay tuned!

  • Marie

    I only watched Buffy a couple months ago, and I love it more than anything, so I’m glad you guys talked about it.

    On season 6: I consider Willow the real big bad, and I consider the defeat of dark Willow as kind of overcoming grief. The trio was just a way to get Willow to that point. The interesting thing about it was that it was really Xander who “defeated” her, and Buffy didn’t really do anything that big in bringing Willow back.

    As for Spike v. Angel with Buffy: I do think Spike is more interesting. However, I think the only guy I ever felt Buffy truly loved in a romantic way was Angel, and although Spike did help her, I think it was mostly a really unhealthy relationship, and although I’ll never doubt she cared about him, I don’t think it was love. I also will never get over the attempted rape. And Riley was just rebound guy to me.

    I also really appreciate the way they did the Willow/Tara/Oz triangle. I’m gay, and I knew Willow would choose Tara, but they made Oz so awesome that I was really torn and hurting for everyone. I’m also really thankful neither Willow, Xander, or Buffy really became a thing, in any combination. I think it was good they all stuck to being very close friends.

    Final point: I don’t hate Kennedy. I kind of like her, actually. Not in love, but I do think she was helpful in helping Willow move on from Tara. I don’t think they’re the end-all, be-all, but good for the time.

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